Buddhafield Retreats

23rd March 2020

Buddhafield has been meeting over the past week or so to collectively consider our response to Covid-19, and how we can best act with kindness and compassion in these difficult times.


After hearing the government guidance we will be cancelling all of our retreats until the end of June to minimise contact between people and unnecessary travel. This is disappointing for many of us, but it feels like the most appropriate response in the circumstances.

This covers the following events:

  • Tree Planting Retreat
  • Sacred Landscape Yatra
  • South East Spring Family Friendly Weekend
  • Men's Wilderness Retreat
  • Heart Space: for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people
  • Women’s Retreat: Our bodies, Ourselves?

Regarding our other retreats from July onwards   we will monitor the situation as it unfolds, and will communicate with retreatants as soon as we can about whether events will go ahead.


In terms of the Buddhafield Festival, we have yet to receive clear and specific guidance from the government about mass gatherings, so we are monitoring the situation and meeting as a management team regularly. At present, we plan to go ahead with the Festival but will issue a statement if this changes at any point.


We are wishing all beings well and happy, and that the difficult emotions arising at this time can be held in a bigger container of love and awareness. We will be considering some creative responses for online practice over the next month, and hope to be able to provide some much-needed meditation and Dharma for people to access at home in these challenging times.

If you need to contact us, please do so via our website so your enquiry gets channelled to the right person https://buddhafield.com/contact


The aim of a retreat is to have time away from your normal everyday life, with all its demands and distractions, to explore who you are, and how you are, or perhaps just to be with the way things are for a while. A retreat can be an opportunity for reflecting on your life, exploring the Buddha’s teaching, or deepening a connection with nature. All our retreats are camping retreats on beautiful sites in the South of England.

Living simply, elegantly and close to nature go some way to providing the space for positive change to happen. We use Buddhist practices such as meditation and ritual to help us engage with different aspects of ourselves.

People come to our retreats with all different levels of experience of Buddhism. You don’t have to be a Buddhist for our ‘open’ retreats, on which introductory sessions are provided. The general approach to our retreats is that you are free to join in whatever is useful to you.