Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Property

What happens to lost property?

During set-up and tat-down there is a Lost Property box in the Crew Servery. During the event, please visit the info point for lost property. 
On the afternoon of the last day of the event, all Lost Property is put out for collection at the Info Point.  Any items not claimed before the Info Point closes are kept on site for five days after the event. Then, any items of considerable value are held for two months until claimed. If you want to check for lost property, please contact information@buddhafield.com.  For each item returned there is an administration fee of £10 charged on top of the cost of postage, and the method of delivery agreed with the claimant prior to returning. Due to the volume of lost property, and lack of storage, any other items left at the end of the event are either donated to a charity shop or if unusable, disposed of in the landfill waste on-site.

Where and When

What are the dates for the 2021 Buddhafield Festival?

We’re offering two events this year. They will both be smaller than the festival we usually hold at this time. You can choose to join us for a weekend (9th-11th) or for the five day event (14th-18th).

Where is the Festival site?

Visit our travel info page here.

What time does the Festival start and end?

The Weekender - Gates open at 10am on Friday, and you need to leave site by Monday morning

Buddhafield festival - Gates open at 10am on Wednesday, and you need to leave site by Monday morning

Can I leave the Festival and get back in?

If you have your Buddhafield Festival wristband, you will be able to re-enter the site when our gate is open. The gate opens at 10am each morning, and closes at 10pm each night. 

How much are the tickets?

Please see the Book on Event section for ticket prices.

How do I buy tickets?

Online: through this website by credit/debit card.

Please note that we cannot take payments over the phone.

Your ticket is an email ticket, with the subject line 'Your Buddhafield Booking', and this is automatically generated when you book. Please check your spam folders before contacting us about a lost ticket, as we get a large volume of email and are a small team.

Can I get a Concession ticket?

Concessions are for students and those on non-universal benefits (i.e. state pension does not qualify for a concession as it’s a universal benefit, neither does child benefit). Non-universal benefits include child/working tax credits, Universal credit, housing benefit, Disability Living Allowance, etc. You will be asked to upload proof when purchasing.

We close concession tickets bookings on 30th June each year, as our office team goes onsite and is unable to process these tickets. We do not sell concession tickets on the gate so you need to purchase by 30th June.

I can’t come for the whole thing. Do you sell weekend or day tickets?

The Festival is at its most satisfying for everyone if you come for the whole event. For Buddhafield 2021 we are not planning to sell any 'Weekend only' or Day Tickets. Please book on our “Weekender” for 2021!

I can't find my email ticket - help!

Your ticket is an email ticket, with the subject line 'Your Buddhafield Booking', and this is automatically generated when you book. Please check your spam folders before contacting us about a lost ticket, as we get a large volume of email and are a small team. You may also want to check which email address you booked with, and if you have more than one mailbox, check both.

I can no longer attend the festival. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry you're not able to make our beautiful Festival! We offer an 80% refund of your ticket(s) if you forward your booking email to information@buddhafield.com and ask for a refund before 25th June. The Ticket Office on site cannot give refunds for any reason. Refunds are not guaranteed and will be decided on a case by case basis.Special circumstances will be considered after the cutoff - please contact information@buddhafield.com with your request. 

Getting Involved

Can I volunteer at the festival?

Applications are open here: https://participate.buddhafield.com/festival
They have a little green leaf next to them when they are open. Some areas have already closed so if there's no leaf, you'll probably need to try another area. 

Can I trade at the festival?

Trader applications are open until 23rd June at this link: https://participate.buddhafield.com/festival/traders-and-stalls

We are only accpeting non-food applications now. 

Can I offer a workshop at the festival?

Workshop applications are now closed for this year. We normally open them around mid-February and close around  mid-April. Announcements are made about this through our newsletter and social media. The links for these are above if you want to keep tabs on opening in 2022. 

Can I do a performance at the festival?

We have a lot of musicians on our list and do not often open general applications. That being said, you can send links to your promo stuff to information@buddhafield.com and these will be forwarded on to our music booker. We cannot get back to everyone but we do listen to everything and keep your details to contact you in the event that we have a space.

Can I offer something in the Healing Garden?

Healing Gardens applications are now closed for this year. We normally open them a few months before the festival. Announcements are made about this through our newsletter and social media. The links for these are above if you want to keep tabs on opening in 2022. 


Festival Facilities

Are there Cash Machines, ATMs, on site?

No, the closest ATMs are in Taunton or Wellington. There may be some contactless on site but it is notoriously unreliable - it's best to bring plenty of cash with you. In 2021, it's probably best to bring both cash and card with you to the event. 

I have a disability: can I still come to the Festival?

Yes. There’s some guidance for Disabled ticket holders under Camping and Live-ins on the festival facilities page. You can also contact us via our contact form to ask any further questions.

Can I bring a live-in vehicle or caravan?

Yes, unless it’s a very large motor home (e.g. a Winnebago), a full-size coach or over 7.5 tons. You will need to buy a live-in vehicle pass.

See the Camping and Live-ins section of the festival facilities page.

Can I bring my dog?

Please do not bring dogs, cats or other animals however well trained, small or cute. We will simply ask you to leave with them.  Personal assistance dogs are permitted, as long as a request is given to Buddhafield in advance and approved via information@buddhafield.com. Then it is permitted to walk around the site with the dog on a lead when working as long as it is identified as such and the owner takes responsibility for clearing up after them.
When a key member of the event team would not be able to attend the event without bringing an animal they care for, permission is to be granted in advance from the Event Manager.  The Event Manager will determine if risks or potential risks exist before giving permission for an animal to be on site. We can’t extend this to ticket holders.

Can I have a fire at Buddhafield?

There are fire safety points throughout the campsite and live in vehicle fields.
Due to the fire regulations for the events, only open fires, braziers, and BBQs approved by Buddhafield are allowed. In tented areas, we prefer that battery or solar charged lighting is used, and any cooking by camping gas is outside the tent, away from any flammable materials. Parents / caregivers are responsible for their child(ren) around all fires.

Can I buy food at the Festival?

There are lots of cafes where you can buy food. However, we may not have our normal grocery shop onsite in 2021. Please check back closer to the festival to see if you need to think about the supplies you're bringing in light of this. 

Will there be music? What sort? And when does it stop?

There will be a range of amplified and acoustic music, programmed and impromptu, in various venues and cafés around the site. We have DJ sessions and a number of dance workshops throughout the day. 
The event is neither a retreat nor an all-night party, so we ask you to consider our position on both extremes.


  • Be considerate of fellow campers in the camping areas between 23:00 and 07:00.
  • No unauthorized sound systems or amplifiers to be brought on site. All amplified music must be kept within our license restrictions (please ask the Head Steward if you are unsure of these) and anyone venue breaking these may be shut down.
  • There are late-night cafés and music venues that operate within our license.   If you'd like to stay up all night and chat around a fire please do,  but only around one of our public fire pits. We ask that you are aware that sound travels on the site and people are likely to be sleeping nearby.    

Whilst we are asking participants to be considerate about making noise outside of certain time-frames, within those time-frames there will be amplified music that may not suit your tastes, either in style, volume or times of day.     
We expect our amplified music venues to play music up to the higher noise limit of our Licence restrictions at any points during the event between:     
9am-11pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
9am-12pm, Saturday         
If you feel that these times do not suit your preferences, you may wish to reconsider booking tickets or bring ear plugs.

I’m a member of the LGBTQIA+ community: will I be welcome?


I’m in recovery: will there be anyone I can turn to for support?

Yes, we have Twelve Step Dome for people in recovery from any sort of addiction.


There may be more nudity than you are accustomed to. Many people enjoy the freedom to be naked in a safe, mixed environment. If you, or your children, may find this difficult you may wish to reconsider booking tickets.

You may be comfortable being fully naked, but please offer consideration to those people that, given our culture, find nudity distracting, challenging or even threatening.

If your state of nudity is regarded as sexually inappropriate, the Event Manager has the sole right to ask a person to cover themselves and if this request is not followed, the person will be asked to leave the site.
If you feel that you are on the receiving end of inappropriate sexual behaviour, please report it to the Info Point, Peacekeepers or Safeguarding Team.

I have marquees / solar-power rig / a tractor. Want to hire my gear?

Contact the Site Crew Coordinator

How will Buddhafield be different due to COVID regulations?

Please refer to our COVID announcement page and COVID-specific FAQ page for more information. 

What happens if you cancel the event?

We will contact ticket holders in the event of cancellation and provide options regarding other events and potential refunds. All refunds remain at the organiser’s discretion.

What happens if I cannot attend due to being told to self-isolate or due to COVID-related illness?

We offer refunds under special circumstances on a case by case basis as standard. Just get in touch if you have an issue like this and we’ll work it out with you.


Lots more information to be found in the Terms & Conditions, COVID-conscious information for 2021 and on the Festival Facilities page if you want to keep learning more about our event...