Buddhafield Base

We are organising and fundraising for a future home for Buddhafield. This is somewhere where we can develop our events and projects to become more effective and sustainable. We need to raise about £1.5million.

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During our campaign and throughout the Base project, the focus is on four key areas - community, land and ecology, enterprise, and teaching. We seek to exemplify the four key values of Buddhafield - collaboration, celebration, renunciation and inspiration. All our work exists within a Buddhist ethical framework.


Buddhafield Base will provide continuity and stability for the community. This encourages collaboration, releases energy and realises potential. It sustains individual commitment to Buddhafield's work. The core team, who receive minimal financial support for their involvement, are often stretched physically and emotionally holding the vibrant, dynamic and busy community organisation. A stable base will mean that Buddhafield can be of more service to the world.

Land & ecological resilience

Buddhafield's current project needs consolidation. We have storage and sites spread around the South West and team in many different places. Buddhafield Base will allow an essential transition to better organisation and more sustainable practices. It will support Buddhafield to practice ecological aspirations more deeply than ever.

The community already has experienced, committed people and a substantial body of knowledge. By energising this existing resource, Buddhafield Base supports exemplification, sharing and communication of a message beyond words. This includes integrating Dharma practice and ecological wisdom.


Buddhafield has plentiful knowledge, energy, scope, reach and ideas. With strong roots, a stable community and better facilities, we can express our ideals through right-livelihood enterprises. The current model has worked beautifully in many ways but must move towards self-sufficiency and generative enterprise. This will allow us to rely less on the main festival event and volunteer power.

Buddhafield Base will remove annual rental costs by owning its own festival site, barns and community housing. These savings can go towards investing in new team-based enterprises.


Buddhafield wants to develop its potential for holistic and immersive learning.

Volunteers have always acquired transferable skills with Buddhafield. These include wood chopping, group catering, plumbing, mechanics, structure building, land work, project and event management, holacratic organisation, sangha development and so on. Some make a deep and lasting commitment to contribute and develop spiritually through community work.

Buddhafield Base will allow for further development of this model. A resident community and facilities to host visiting volunteers will increase opportunities for working with Buddhafield all year round. We can then also provide more opportunities for our wider sangha to connect and learn through activities, courses and events at Buddhafield Base.

What can you do to help?

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The email address for this project is: eco-sattva@buddhafield.com. Get in touch about any of the following:

  • Discuss arranging a Buddhafield Base talk at your local centre or online.
  • Invest in the project if you are happy to donate or loan us funds.
  • Share any contacts you may have who you think would be open to seeing our business plan and investing.
  • Let us know if you hear of any leads for funding or grant proposals that might support a project like this.
  • Get in touch if you'd like to volunteer with the Buddhafield Base development project.