About Buddhafield

 Buddhafield is a collaboration of Buddhists involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community: some of us are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. We live all over the UK, but we run a programme of camping activities in the South of England, focused around the teaching and practice of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation. We are perhaps best known for organising our own Festival and for the Buddhafield Cafe, which goes to festivals and fairs like Glastonbury, Sunrise and The Green Gathering. As well as this, we run an annual programme of meditation retreat camps and we cultivate on our own land.

The concept of a “Buddhafield”, or of “Buddhafields”, originates in the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras. In these Sutras, Buddhafields are planes of perfect beauty created by the compassionate action of a Buddha. As such they are an environment in which all conditions are perfectly conducive to spiritual practice and in which to gain Enlightenment.

Each year Buddhafield adopts a theme. For 2022 we are exploring Seeds of the Heart. 

The Buddhafield Mandate System

Buddhafield organises its work using a Mandate system. Each area of work is separated out and devolved responsibility for decision-making is given to a Mandate Holder has a 'resource group' of people with whom they consult about decisions.  We currently have more than twenty Mandates. More about how this works, and who the current Mandates Holders are on the Mandate system page.

There is also more information about how Buddhafield works on the charity and fundraising pages.

Buddhafield is committed to inclusivity - find out more about our Inclusivity Team.