Buddhafield Retreats

Buddhafield Retreats

The aim of a retreat is to have time away from your normal everyday life, with all its demands and distractions, to explore who you are, and how you are, or perhaps just to be with the way things are for a while. A retreat can be an opportunity for reflecting on your life, exploring the Buddha’s teaching, or deepening a connection with nature. All our retreats are camping retreats on beautiful sites in the South of England.

Living simply, elegantly and close to nature go some way to providing the space for positive change to happen. We use Buddhist practices such as meditation and ritual to help us engage with different aspects of ourselves.

People come to our retreats with all different levels of experience of Buddhism. You don’t have to be a Buddhist for our ‘open’ retreats, on which introductory sessions are provided. The general approach to our retreats is that you are free to join in whatever is useful to you.

Upcoming Retreats

2nd Apr - 5th Apr
Tree Planting Retreat
17th Apr - 24th Apr
Sacred Landscape Yatra
22nd May - 25th May
The Great Gathering 2020: Drawing Strength from the Songs of the Sisters
Women training for ordination
25th May - 1st Jun
Men's Wilderness Retreat
Open to all men
5th Jun - 12th Jun
Women's Retreat: Our Bodies, Ourselves?
Open to all women
15th Jun - 19th Jun
Heart Space (for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people)
Open to all trans/non-binary people
31st Jul - 6th Aug
Village Retreat Phase I
8th Aug - 15th Aug
Village Retreat Phase II
17th Aug - 23rd Aug
Open Retreat: The lights are on