Buddhafield Retreats


A retreat is an opportunity to step aside from everyday life, giving yourself the time and space to meditate, reflect and connect. This allows a natural unfolding of beauty, both within and without. Buddhafield retreats take place under canvas and vast open skies, in gorgeous fields and woodlands. Temporary communities are born, all facilitated by experienced teachers and support teams. 


Being on Retreat

  • To avoid disruption to yourself and others, please plan to attend for the full retreat period. 
  • The retreat organiser will act as an emergency contact so you can leave the world of emails and phone calls behind for the duration.
  • If you have any special needs, please contact us in advance to check the retreat is suitable.
  • Please refrain from sexual activity, and from bringing drugs, alcohol or pets to any of our events.
  • We cater for special diets when they are for medical reasons.
  • We provide good-quality, vegan, organic meals, using locally-sourced, ethically produced ingredients (cow’s milk is available on family retreats, other retreats are 100% vegan).
  • We will provide ways to stay safe within current COVID guidelines. Our management plan for this will change in response to the latest guidance. 


Most of our retreats have periods of silence and times where you are invited to take part in work to support the running of the retreat. Days will normally end with Buddhist ritual (puja) and chanting. 

Booking a Retreat

Book via our events page

For most retreats we ask for an initial deposit when you book, then collect dana (financial donations) at the end of each retreat. Suggested donations are listed under each retreat heading. 

Buddhafield retreats are made possible by the generosity of previous retreatants and the work of our many volunteers.Here’s a quick guide to ticket types to help you decide: 


Ticket types

Generosity - includes an extra donation which goes to support others who need to pay at the supported tier level. For the Festival only, your donation goes towards fundraising efforts for our Eco-Sattva project
Standard - these cover the costs involved in the retreat. 
Supported/ concession - we want to make tickets accessible for all. These tickets are subsidised to help that happen. 

Ultimately, we want you to be able to give with joy, so please give what feels right for you.


Other Information

  • If you have rolled over your 2020 ticket to a 2021 event, you will be sent new tickets in due course.
  • If you have a query about a 2020 deposit or ticket, please email: information@buddhafield.com


If you feel moved to offer dana to support Buddhafield – either a one-off donation or a monthly subscription - you can do so here: https://chuffed.org/project/buddhafield​