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During autumn and winter, we have our monthly land work days at Bowerwood, online offerings, fundraising, plus anything else that comes into being as people open up to the creativity of the turning seasons. We’ll be adding next season’s events to the website in the coming months so we can all be together again in fields and forests in 2022. The best way to keep up to date is to sign up for our newsletter, or follow us using the social media links above.

Sending much love and gratitude,
The Buddhafield Team

Our Next Event

  • Buddhist shrine over a river with a feather fan, candles and light reflecting off the water
  • 4th Jun 2022 to 18th Jun 2022
    Buddhafield offers the ideal opportunity to practice in a natural environment free from the distractions of our daily lives. Living in simplicity and community we will explore how attending to our bodies and hearts can open the imagination to the poetics of awakening. We will together create a community of practice that supports us to go beyond our normal sense of who and what we are, opening to...