Total Immersion Retreat, Mindfulness — Bridge to the Beyond

Rays of light falling through tress, dappling light onto a stream.

Easterbrook | Image © Padmapani 2011

About the Theme: Mindfulness — Bridge to the Beyond

The Total Immersion is a one month silent meditation retreat (with the option to do just the first two weeks) lead by some of the formost meditation teachers in the Triratna Buddhist Order. Using the framework of the Satipatthana Sutta (the Buddha's primary teaching on Mindfulness) to cultivate awareness and right view, we come to see in our own experience how things really are.

Total Immersion Retreat Booking Form
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DatesSaturday 6 May—Friday 2 June 2017
SuitabilityExperienced Meditators Only
Option for6th May - 19th May
VenueBroadhembury, near Honiton, East Devon
Led byVajradevi and Kamalashila
Donation Guidelines The Full Month £860/£630/£410
Two weeks £475/£320/£215