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Buddhafield Festival Weekend Tickets Available Now!

Buddhafield Festival Weekend Tickets now available through the festival booking page on the Buddhafield website. Weekend Tickets are valid for Friday 17th to Sunday 19th. Full Event Tickets — Wednesday to Sunday — are also still available.

May 2015 Newsletter

Buddhafield Festival, 15-19 July 2015: this year Buddhafield will be basing its programme around the theme of “Awakened Awareness”. Programme details are starting to emerge; check out the highlights and book tickets on the Buddhafield website! Continue reading

Green Earth Awakening Camp 2015: Transfrom, Sustain, Thrive

Update to the programme for the 2015 Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening Camp. Come and transform, sustain and thrive with Buddhafield! Continue reading

Help Wanted!

If you have ever wanted to be part of the Buddhafield team, get in touch now! Continue reading

Welcome to the 2015 Buddhafield Programme!

A complete rundown of this year's Buddhafield programme of events, including our retreats, Festival and GEA Camp Continue reading

GEA 2014 Workshops Update 2: Daily Timetable

The GEA daily programme is now revealed and we have some final workshop updates, including themes from Permaculture, Mindful living, embodiment and song. Continue reading

GEA 2014 Workshops Update 1: Land Skills & Green Crafts

After last week's interview with GEA Workshops Co-ordinator Rosie Lancaster blog.buddhafield.com/interview-rosie-lancaster , you can check out the first in a series of programme updates from her. A full programme outline can be found on www.buddhafield.com/?events=gea-programme Continue reading

Interview: Rosie Lancaster

Rosie Lancaster is Green Earth Awakening Workshops Co-ordinator. She talks to Satyadarshin about what's changed in her programme planning since last year's GEA, how the event relates to the Buddhafield Festival's Land and Permaculture Area - of which she's co-cordinator - and about the theme of this year's camp. Continue reading

Engage, Explore, Play: Green Earth Awakening 2014!

News about the GEA Camp with a request for help with publicising the event. Updates about the Soul and the Solstice, and Total Immersion retreats. Continue reading

Abhayajit on The Soul and the Solstice

Abhyajit on the inspiration for the upcoming Soul and the Solstice Retreat, where we will be taking the Summer light as our inspiration and exploring what it really means to feel fully alive, through self exploration, dance, meditation, and ritual. Darkness must follow light as sure as the first glimmer of dawn leads us from the blackness of the night. As our lives unfold we must learn to embrace both the light and the dark if we are to navigate our individual paths with hearts remaining open. The impermanent and insubstantial nature of our existence is both tragic and beautiful, and through deep soul work we will be celebrating our light and imbuing our darkness with meaning and self acceptance. Continue reading

Heads Up: 2016 Programme!

Dates for the 2016 Buddhafield Programme of events are here!

Check the Retreats Programme page for retreat dates.

The Buddhafield Festival 2016
will be 13-17 July 2016,

The Green Earth Awkening Camp
14-18 September 2016.

More detailed information and booking will follow shortly so keep an eye on this site.

What is a “Buddhafield”?

Buddhafield is a collective of Buddhists involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community: some of us are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. We live all over the UK, but we run a programme of camping activities in the South West of England, focused around the teaching and practise of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation. We are perhaps best known for organising our own Festival and for the Buddhafield Café, which goes to festivals and fairs like Glastonbury, Sunrise and The Green Gathering. As well as this, we run an annual programme of meditation retreat camps and we cultivate on our own land.

The concept of a “Buddhafield”, or of “Buddhafields”, originates in the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras. In these Sutras, Buddhafields are planes of perfect beauty created by the compassionate action of a Buddha. As such they are an environment in which all conditions are perfectly conducive to spiritual practice and in which to gain Enlightenment.

Each year Buddhafield adopts a theme. This year we are exploring “Courageous Compassion”.