Festival Terms & Conditions

Buddhafield Festival 2015 |

A trio of young women at the front of a crowd

Closing Ceremony | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

You’ll notice that on your ticket it says:

“This ticket is sold on the understanding that you help maintain the conditions for a safe and harmonious event.”

Our Festival is a legendarily harmonious event and we’d like to keep it that way, so we thought we’d make it clear what we think is harmonious behaviour and what we think isn’t.

However, we don’t like rules and you probably don’t either. So what we think are “harmonious conditions” will depend upon circumstances. The person who ultimately decides this is the Head Steward. If you’re unhappy about someone’s behaviour, then you should ask to speak to the Duty Steward Manager. They will consult with the Head Steward and decide what to do. Given the short duration of the festival, we will be looking for a pretty prompt shift in poor behaviour, but as far as possible we think it reasonable to give people being challenged the opportunity to accommodate themselves better.

Note that just because someone makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean we will ask them to leave! We think that insisting that someone leave the Festival is a serious matter. We will have to feel confident that the party causing offence is wilfully careless about causing distress.

Since the event is organized by Buddhists, our criteria for gauging harmony are the five Buddhist precepts for lay people.

Don’t cause harm or distress to others

We ask you to treat everyone with courtesy, patience and respect under all circumstances. It isn’t only on the London Underground that staff are disrespected and insulted: yes it even happens at Buddhafield! Most of our crew are volunteers: they don’t deserve to be shouted or sworn at for any reason, but especially just because they’re asking you to do something you feel is inconvenient. Show more.

  • Please, no chinese lanterns. As well as a fire hazard when lit (e.g. if they’re blown astray onto nylon tents), when they expire, the remains are know to fall onto grass made into winter fodder for livestock; cutting and collecting this grass can result in inadvertently chopping the frame into needle sized pieces that in turn can be digested by animals.
  • The site is vegetarian. (Much of our food is vegan.) We ask you not to bring meat onto the site and if you have to, please do not give it to others for hygiene reasons (and certainly don’t try to sell it).

Don’t take the “not given”

The language here might seem strange, but it means that stealing is stealing no matter how much you dress it up or fudge the issue! Blagging your way in (or helping someone else to) is stealing (and probably trespassing). Show more.

  • Entry for paying participants is from Wednesday morning at 10am. Those arriving earlier will be turned away.
  • Have the appropriate tickets to hand when you arrive at the Main Gate. We will not accept excuses for not having them on your person.
  • If you go off site it’s up to you to prove that you’re a legitimate, paying participant on the way back in. If we think that you (or someone else) in your vehicle haven’t got a reason to be on site, you’ll be turned away.
  • Please don’t invite friends in the local area to stop by at random points in the event. We have a limit on numbers as a part of our Licence and, since we sell out well in advance, the Gate is effectively closed until sufficient people leave. We do allow Day Visitors on Sunday because people are simultaneously leaving — however we cannot guarantee entry since we will only accept new visitors proportional to numbers that have left. There will be an entry fee (tbc).
  • We also book our crew well in advance, so bringing someone along in the hope that they’ll “sort something out” when they arrive at the site will probably mean they get turned away.
  • There is no standing policy of “free entry for local residents”. This idea is an urban myth that developed when we held our event in Clayhidon.
  • Do not bring dogs. We will simply ask you to leave.
  • The law and our licensing authority set a whole range of conditions that we are required to abide by. Whether or not you agree with the fire, health and safety restrictions, they are not negotiable. Please follow the directions you are given by the Stewards.
  • Please respect the width of vehicle parking bays. Another festival-goer has already paid for that neighbouring space, so taking more than one space is stealing from them.
  • Please do not trespass onto out-of-bounds fields. They do not belong to us and trespassing would upset the owners. (We already have a big enough and beautiful enough site for all of us to enjoy.)
  • Please don’t help yourself to food or drink intended for crew. Only crew with a wristband and / or a meal ticket are allowed into the crew dining area. People found abusing this will be asked to pay for their food.

Avoid inappropriate sexual behaviour

The Festival is a legendarily loved-up experience, so we’d especially request sensitivity towards people who are more open than usual. Show more.

  • There may be more nudity than you are accustomed to. Many people enjoy the freedom to be naked in a safe, mixed environment. There are two points about this:
    • Please don't subject others (naked or otherwise) to lewd or judgmental comments, to repeated, unwanted attention or sexual advances.
    • You may be comfortable being fully naked, but please offer consideration to those people that, given our culture, find nudity distracting, challenging or even threatening.
  • Please remember that there is precisely no sound insulation between your tent and the next one! It can be very uncomfortable listening to others in the throes of passion, so try to be considerate.

Speech and noise

The Festival is neither a retreat nor an all-night party, so we’d ask you to consider our position on both extremes. Show more.

  • No unauthorized sound systems or amplifiers, please. All amplified music must be kept within our license restrictions (tbc: please ask the Head Steward) and any venue breaking these may be shut down.
  • There are late-night cafes and music venues that operate within our license — if you’d like to stay up all night and chat around a fire please do — but in a designated area.
  • Whilst we are asking participants to be considerate about making noise outside of certain timeframes, within those timeframes there will be amplified music that may not suit your tastes, either in style, volume or times of day.
  • We expect our amplified music venues to play music up to the higher noise limit restrictions (tbc and subject to Licence) at any points between:
    • 9am–11pm, Wednesday–Friday & Sunday,
    • 9am–12pm, Saturday
    If you feel that these times do not suit your preferences, you may wish to reconsider booking tickets.
  • If there is a designated Quiet Camping area (tbc), it should be as silent as possible from midnight until 7am. Please note that Quiet Camping is not Family Camping since young children can’t reasonably be expected to stay quiet between those hours.

Drugs, alcohol and “legal highs”

These are not welcome at our Festival. Failing to respect this may result in you being asked to leave, without refund. Show more.

  • This policy is one of the key things that makes our Festival the event that it is. In particluar, public alcohol drinking and dope smoking are things we will actively ask you to stop.
  • If you are found selling any kind of intoxicant (legal or otherwise) you will be asked to leave. Selling alcohol is in contravention of our Public Enetrtainments Licence, but in the case of illegal substances, we are obliged to confiscate them and call the police.
  • We reserve the right to ask to search you, your vehicle or your tent if we have reason to believe you are harbouring intoxicants. We will ask anyone not cooperating to leave.

And in general...

Ticket holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion of the Festival. We regret that, in most cases, it would be impossible to ask personal permission to reproduce your image.

Refunds are at our discretion. If you need one, we will reimburse the cost of your ticket(s) only if you return them to the Festival postal ticketing address, and we receive them before the closing date for receiving postal bookings (see the Festival Booking page). Don’t post refund applications to any other address!

Please note that the above is not intended to be exhaustive and the Head Steward will make decisions about appropriate action on a case-by-case basis. Their decision is final.