Healing and Bodywork

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A group of people sitting formally in preparation for a yoga class.

Yoga class | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

The potential for healing and transformation for individuals and for the planet is ENORMOUS when we gather in this way in a spirit of co-operation and good will.

Healing Garden

We offer a wide variety of holistic healing, in exchange for a suggested donation. We recommend about £10+ for each 20mins of treatment, but all are by individual negotiation. We also offer inspiring group activities and workshops in our Workshop Dome, for free!

There are about 50 therapists in the Buddhafield Healing Garden, where we usually have an “A-Z of Treatments” available, often including such specialities as:
Acupuncture, Aromatherapy Massage, Bowen Technique, Chakra Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Healing, Deep Tissue Massage, EFT, Emmett Technique, Energy Healing, Facials, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Massage, Homoeopathy, Hopi Ear Candles, Indian Head Massage, NLP, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Theta Healing, and Vortex Healing — some day we might even have Zero Balancing!

Contributing: Healing Garden

Therapists & Healers

If you’re interested in offering one-to-one treatment or therapy sessions at the Festival, in offering yourself as a General Helper or even helping us with the plants and fixtures that would make up our Healing Garden, note that applications for places are available from 1 April : the contact link for the Healing Garden Co-ordinator will display here on that date.

Find out more on the Volunteer: Healing Garden page.

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For an overview of Festival volunteering visit the main Volunteer & Contribute page.

Yoga Space

Please feel free to explore the many potentials of a yoga practice: there are nearly 40 classes with different styles and different teachers. This can be a wonderful way to explore these bodies and this breath — to ground ourselves in present moment awareness.

Classes start from 6.30am every day and stop at 9.30pm.

Contributing: Yoga

If you’re interested in teaching yoga at the Festival we’re sorry to say that all the places on our yoga teaching team are taken.