Camping Retreat Programme 2018 - 2019

A woman wearing a woolly hat sat contemplating in tall grass. Trees surround the field; tents in the distance.

Contemplation in tall grass | Image © Padmapani 2009

We’re delighted to let you know that this is the 2018 - 2019 retreats programme.

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Full Retreats Programme Plus Booking
Retreat / EventGeneral Information
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Spring Team Retreat ()
Sacred Landscape Yatra ()
Total Immersion ()
The Great Gathering
Dates ()
SuitabilityWomen who have asked for Ordination
VenueTaraloka, Shropshire
Led byThe team will be drawn from Tiratanaloka, Taraloka and Buddhafield

Join us for a celebration of sangha: an opportunity to meet in large numbers and explore a strong Dharmic theme together. We are the future of the Order! Come and connect! Talks, meditation, workshops and ritual will be held within the beauty of the Taraloka landscape.

Donation Guidelines

£50 booking fee plus suggested donations (taken at the end of the retreat) £105 (unwaged/in receipt of benefits) or £165 (waged). Booking through Taraloka.

BookingBooking has closed for this retreat.
Women’s Retreat ()
Men’s Retreat ()
The Buddhafield Village Retreat Phase I ()
The Buddhafield Village Retreat Phase II ()
Open Retreat ()
Autumn Team Retreat ()
Buddhafield and Tiratanaloka Retreat ()