Green Earth Awakening 2018 : Dance of Life and Death

A colourful banner arrangement in the trees

A warm welcome! | Image © Steve Jackson 2015

Wednesday 12 — Sunday 16 September 2018.

What is it

The Green Earth Awakening is an intimate, late summer gathering to explore engaged Buddhism, community living, land skills and creative responses to forging social resilience. To bring together Buddhists, activists and anyone drawn to exploring the skills required to reach our collective potential. An Off-grid, drug and alcohol-free, temporary community where creativity can weave and connections can deepen. Expect the opportunity to network and collaborate through discourse, movement, music, play and fireside story and song.


In turbulent times how do we find the motivation and inner resources to effect positive change without reacting from anxiety, fear and anger? The principles taught by the Buddha are of benefit to those seeking effective and sustained social transformation.

Through talks, group discussion and practical workshops we will explore the skills available to us for stepping out into the world with our intentions sustained and resourced.

We have hosted a platform for groups and speakers such as D.A.N.C.E, Eco-dharma, Ecological Land Co-op, Radical Routes, Earth First!, Land Workers Alliance, The Tyndall Centre, Mindfulness4Change, Wetheuncivilised plus community groups, facilitators, eco-psychologists, activists, permaculture teachers, climate scientists.

The profits from this event will go towards funding the Buddhafield Charity and supporting groups, networks and individuals engaged in ecological and social resistance.

What Happens?

The Green Earth Awakening is a camping event for up to 500 people in the beautiful Blackdown Hills. Hot shower and sauna facilities are available on site for a small charge.

Each day will follow a timetable of meditation, bodywork, workshops and talks with evening music, ritual, open mic all included in the price. The crafts will run drop in spaces throughout the week and some will ask for a donation to cover their material costs. The healing area will offer an array of bodywork and healing through the week and the kid's area will provide free workshops and play.

The Buddhafield Cafe and Outer Regions Cafe will be the main food vendors. A meal pass can be purchased online that will cover all meals from Wednesday dinner through to Sunday lunch at the Buddhafield Cafe. Individual meals can also be bought from either Cafe throughout the days.

This is a camping event in late summer so come prepared with all you might need such as a torch, tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, warm clothes and waterproof shoes. A watch is helpful to get to workshops on time. A gong will be rung 10 minutes before the start of each session.

Our Forest School leader has written a letter for parents wanting to apply for absence during term time. Download and print this document to accompany a personal letter to your child's teacher.

You could consider volunteering with the GEA Steward Crew.

We post updates to the programme as they emerge, but if you still have questions, contact us about the GEA.

If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is tied up with mine, then let us work together.

Lila Watson, Aboriginal Activist, 1970s

This year’s Theme: Dance of Life and Death

The Buddhafield theme for 2018 is, Dance of Life and Death. Death can bring deep sorrow and grief. As the Buddha showed, all human lives are touched by loss. The paradox of the dance of life is that it is also the dance of death. Life is so precious because we have such limited time on this earth. How do we honour our grief and sorrow, whilst allowing it to permeate our lives in a positive way, encouraging us to transform ourselves? This season, we will be celebrating our relationships, coming into community, turning towards death and celebrating the joy of life, together, supported by our beautiful earth.

"Magical, re-inspiring, inspirational"

"My favourite event of the year"

"You have created for so many people - a chance to remember who they are"

This was my first time at GEA. I went there together with Bristol DANCE, which gave me a great base to explore the Festival from. And I think the word ‘exploration’ sums up my festival experience quite nicely. Being inspired by the talks, challenged in the workshops, deeply moved by the ceremony for extinct animals or trying out new things like Qi Gong, a Puja or Moon salutation, all these together with meeting some amazing people made this an experience that has echoed throughout the last months and I hope will continue to do so until GEA 2017 next September.”

Birgit Muller

A proportion of GEA budget will be given to support groups, networks and individuals engaged in ecological and social resistance. We will be supporting those who dedicate themselves to promoting the rights of all life, now and for future generations.

The following talks were given at The Green Earth Awakening in 2017,

The following talks were given at The Green Earth Awakening in 2016,