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Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

Four people in discussion sitting around a low table.

Discussion in the Permcaulture Area | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following talks etc. at the last Festival.

Mac Macartney
Mac is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise located in Devon with a mission to catalyse the emergence of leaders and change agents for a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Mac lays bare the aching loss of knowing and understanding sacredness as it applies to our own rivers, mountains, and forests. He asserts that we can come to know our land again, relocate our indigenous storyline, come together as a people, and redefine the purpose that guides our twenty-first century lives

Living Our Dreams
With Daniel Harris: Experientially connect to your inner desires with body, mind, heart and soul. Grasp what you truly want in your life. Pass beyond blocks. Break through by describing, visioning, feeling and sharing your future world desired. Create holographic visions within and radiate this energy out to the world.

Conscious Collaboration
With Nick Osborne & Justine Corrie: offering tools, skills and processes which will enable you to self-organise in ways which increase participation, engagement and the overall health of your group; so you can work together in ways which are brilliant and inspiring.

Courageous Compassion seeks Wisdom for Sustainable Relationship!
With Wendy Chozom: Relative compassion often leads to egotism, cynicism, or exhaustion. The bodhisattvas, ultimate compassion, the view of dzogchen, offer alternatives. Interested?.

The Neuroscience of Happiness
With Toby Cantlie. How experiments set up by the Dalai Lama in California in 1980 radically changed the scientific understanding of happiness.

Sufi Storytelling
With Sohrab Kavir. Rumi used these stories to help his students to access their subconscious and then by decoding the symbols in his own stories encouraged them to see their own conditioning.

Exploring our roots
Safe space for people who are (through one or more parents) Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority/ People of Colour/non-White. A curious, affirming space to explore how our cultural and racial identities shape our experience, values and spirituality. There will be games, creativity and song. Feel free to bring children along.

How does racism affect my life? What can I do about it?
Safe space for people who are (through one or more parents) Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority/ People of Colour/non-White. A supportive workshop to share stories, listen, and explore what we can do that helps. This workshop is suitable for 15+ yrs.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? Thanks for your interest, but places for workshop leaders are now full.