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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Four people in discussion sitting around a low table.

Discussion in the Permcaulture Area | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following talks so far this year.


Ceremony & the Making of a Pledge
Talk by Mac Macartney. The Earth creates ceremony continuously yet many of us live our lives oblivious of the creation dance that weaves its magic around us. Mac Macartney explores the re-birthing of ceremony, and the power that we access when we find the courage, commitment, and insight to make a pledge and live by it.

Re-Wilding: Land, Body, Mind, and Soul
Talk by Mac Macartney. Re-Wilding is revolutionising our understanding and practice of nature conservation but it is also a concept that has the capacity to weave our people and society whole again. Mac Macartney braids some of the storylines currently insinuating their way into our collective consciousness that may enable the the renewal and restoration of sacredness as a design principle affecting everything.

Buddhist Art From America’s Death Row
Artwork by Moyo. Facilitated by Josh Grindod and Jorinde Luyts How does confronting your own mortality affect how you live your life? On Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am join us for a look at the art of Moyo, an inmate on death row in Texas. Using his experiences with solitary confinement, the prison system, and meditation, Moyo creates Buddha-themed paintings and poetry, a selection of which will be on display. Also present will be a board posing questions about mortality, which visitors can add their thoughts to. From 3pm to 4.30pm, we will be running a workshop with space for 18 participants per day. This will begin with a short meditation (during which Moyo will also be meditating in his cell in the US) and is followed by a dialogue on the themes of the art and the festival. This offers a space for sharing experiences, thoughts, and dreams while inspiring one another.

Lucid Dreaming
With Kelly Rose Johnson. I use my experiential knowledge to help teach others how they may better understand themselves and the world they live in, with a one and a half hour workshop including a guided meditation and an indepth explanation of lucid dreaming. Practical tips and techniques that people can take away and incorporate into their own religion/philosophy/practice, with a Q&A about lucid dreaming at the end.

Absolutely Vulvalicious®
With Laura-Doe Harris. A playshop for people with vulvas and those who love them. Absolutely Vulvalicious® is an entertaining and informative romp through the awesome hot spots of vulva anatomy… and beyond. Using the yOniversity's sumptuous Vulvalicious® cushions, participants will have an opportunity to get a tactile understanding of the elegant design of our arousal orchestra. When we are connected to our sexuality and pleasure, we feel alive, radiant, creative, happy and full. Unfortunately nobody teaches us – men or women – the art and science of female arousal. Porn typically misrepresents not only the reality of female arousal, but also the appearance of the vulva and much of the early research into sexual arousal & pleasure in people with vulvas was conducted by people with penises. The results are biased and often downright inaccurate.

Mandala Painting and Geometry in Nature drop ins
With Anne Thomas. Study and practice the art of mandala painting and Sacred Geometry, with artist Anne Thomas. A Meditative, relaxing, inspiring experience! Create a personal mandala design, drawing sacred geometry with compass and ruler and painting with watercolour, while taking time to relax and go deeper within, with guided meditation.

Introduction to LGBTIQA Issues and Use of The Word "Queer" and Interactive Feedback on Gender and Sexuality Issues at Buddhafield
With QUILTBAG village. Come and discuss some of the live issues on gender and sexuality with the team from the QUILTBAG village space.

Celebrating Relationship
With Debbie Beauchamp, Hugh Newton, Dirk Rohwedder. This workshop is open to both men and women and we hope to have an equal balance. We will explore the unconscious dynamics that can play out in the male/female relationship. Through some experiential exercises we will build trust, safety and support of the opposite sex and let go of resentments. We will also share and appreciate what the other sex bring. Join us for what will be a heartfelt and connecting gathering. Debbie is one of the main facilitator's at the UK Celebration of Being; Hugh and Dirk work with the Mankind Project, and Hugh also with A Band of Brothers.

Mindful Eating, and Top Herbs for Energy and Vitality
With Dominica Alicia Roszko. Mindful eating to notice the colours, smells, flavours, and textures of the food, being hungry for calories vs. being hungry for nutrition, the Five Elements and your food, gratitude and digestion. Caffeine and sugar addiction, plant-based energy boosters, adaptogenic herbs as an excellent source of energy, lifestyle changes as a natural way to increase energy. Dominica Roszko is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Medicinal Chef who dedicates her time to helping others understand the amazing impact that following a plant-based lifestyle can bring to their mind bodies and soul.

Exploring the Genius Loci, the Spirits of Place
With Sorita d’Este. Learn how to tune into and communicate with the Genius Loci, the actual local spirits of a place, including the Old Ones or ancestral spirits, starting with the land around the festival site. The workshop will be part theory and part experiential, walking the land.

Who Dances...Who Dies?
With Wendy Chozom. Dzogchen talk around the theme of the festival.

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Interested in offering a workshop? The Workshops Co-ordinator starts taking proposals from January 1 2018 until March 1 2018.