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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A wide view across the Small World tent with a band on stage.

Small World | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

Find out about the programme of live music and DJ sessions.

I have been every year because when entering the site it has a wonderful essence of peace and happiness

Programme Times

Please see the programme boards at Info Point, or outside individual venues for the times of a particular performer. There will be amplified music, bands and DJ sets programmed until:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 11pm
Saturday: Midnight.

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Noise Policy

Outside of the times above, levels of noise drop dramatically, but don’t stop completely. This means we’re happy for people to perform ‘unplugged’, sing or chant together unrestricted, unless the volume intrudes into designated camping areas. If you have children or your rest would be easily disturbed, please camp away from venues and communal fires. More about the options on the camping and live-ins page.

We ask people to be considerate about drumming at all times, but especially after dusk. No drumming at all after the end of amplified music (see above) until at least 10am.

Live Music Line-up

Some of the fantastic acts that entertained us at last years festival,

Seize the Day
10 piece protest folk festival legends!, welcome back to Buddhafield! "Folk-rock with a radical edge, the band of choice of the direct action and environmental movements." Caroline Lucas - Green Party MEP.

True troubadours, Spacegoats originally formed from a convergence of wandering minstrels within a Devonshire crop circle back in August 1992. What followed was a musical odyssey that accompanied the wave of environmental demonstration and direct action that was the counter-culture of the day. Their music evokes an ancient relationship with our mystic land, inspired by ancient stone circles, forest and celestial skies. Visionary lyrics ride on a rhythmical psychedelic sound of dulcit tones, hypnotic drones and interwoven bardic strings. This gig is part of the long-awaited re-convergence of the Goats' in the form of their Rise of Atlantis tour of 2017.

Ushti Baba
Ushti Baba are a riotus Gypsy-Folk outfit who play hypnotic trans-european melodies and jungle rythms. Using beatbox, double bass, accordion, banjo, guitar, violin, cello, trumpet and percussion Ushti Baba play a fusion of traditional folk music and modern dance rythms that inspire frenzied limb-flinging, heart palpitation and general fervour.

This is a 9-piece band with deep melodic horn harmonies and funky Afro-Latin percussion section playing upbeat positive tropical party music. They play everything from Columbian Cumbias, to Calypso, Reggae and Afro Latin grooves with even a sneaky bit of drum and bass and psychedelia in the mix. Up front there’s the flamboyant Ali Jane on vocals and accordion and they never fail to get the place jumping.

Hornman are a homegrown, Alt-Pop East London band whose distinct and original sound draws influences from Indie-Rock, Funk, Ska, House, Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass and more. They began five years ago, when band leader Carl Davies started writing in his home studio, combining saxophone, keys and vocals, to create an electronic-live crossover act. The current line-up of Hornman also includes Wayne Maslin on Vocals and trombone, George Snooks on electric guitar and Laurence Hill on drums. Recent collaborations feature Italian songstress Valentina Russo.

Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow
Earthy folky roots music with soul and reggae influences and a world music sensibility. Bob writes songs of hope, peace & change. He and his band have been making waves of late around the world with their conscious songs and sounds. ...Def come check them out... 'Achieving that killer combination of being simultaneously chilled and hugely uplifting, this is the kind of music where your body often decides to dance before you’ve given the go-ahead. Baloo the bear would be cross-eyed and shuffling in a trance to much of this – and I’m with the bear. ' Harry Glass, The Guardian.

Solana are an instrumental gypsy-folk band. Hailing from all corners of Europe, their style reflects the diversity of their backgrounds and interests: their sound encompasses folk, swing, klezmer, flamenco, latin, reggae and trip-hop. Their live shows combine intricate arrangements with energetic performances and healthy doses of improvisation, and have been getting crowds dancing across Europe since 2012.

Mobius Loop
Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

Chloë Rose Laing
Plays a fusion of Afro-Soul and Roots Reggae, Chloe’s songs soulfully move, captivate and entice her audience with words that heal, motivate and unite those who open their ears and hearts to the music... She is accompanied by Martin Cradick, a pioneer of world fusion with his band Outback and founder of the globally renowned Baka Beyond, and Amadou Diagne, a multi-instrumentalist from a Griot family in Senegal.

The Matt Montez Band
The Matt Montez band are a powerful mixture of roots and alternative acoustic, with hints of folk and reggae beats, bringing diverse sounds and a playful uplifting vibe. Conscious, mind opening music delivered from the heart. Lyrically each song has a spiritual meaning or a positive message to enlighten people through their daily lives. In 2015/2016, things went up a gear for The Matt Montez band with nearly 50 gigs across Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, returning to the UK for 2 full UK tours and a European tour through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

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Contributing: Musicians & DJs

If you’re a band, musician or DJ interested in playing at the Festival, check back here from mid-October onwards for information about playing at the 2019 Festival.

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DJ Sessions

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