Workshops at Buddhafield Festival

We are proud of our rich programme of workshops, available for nearly 12 hours every day in at least 5 venues. Access to all workshops is included as part of a ticket price and there’s a workshop to interest everyone!

Workshop Categories

  • Release, Reveal, Renew
    • Come and let go of things you're holding and no longer need, reveal your treasures to yourself and the world, and find renewal in the process.
  • Practices of Intimacy and Connection
    • Opportunities to improve both personal communication skills and deepen the awareness of others.
  • Dance and Movement Practices
    • Participants could learn a formal technique like salsa or just take pleasure in being fully present in the body and in the luxurious sensuality of self-knowledge through movement. A range of workshops to help gain a richer experience of dance technique or rhythmic movement.
  • Song and Sound-making
    • Making and experiencing music or singing together can create a profound sense of harmony and community.
  • Creativity and self-expression
    • Open up, connect and bond in a spirit of fun and playfulness through individual skills practice, team games, movement, voice, and story-telling.
  • Talks, practices and more
    • There’s always something that just defies categorisation, so if you’re a round peg, Buddhafield has a square hole to fit you!

Area Specific Workshop Programmes

There are also full workshop programmes run by the Dharma Parlour, Land & Permaculture, Green Crafts and Social Change Spaces. Our Healing Garden has its own programme: check out their notice board on site.

Release, Reveal, Renew

For All Our Relations – Ceremony of Grief and Gratitude with Jewels Wingfield and Mark Penfold

Jewels is offering another 'Rituals of Renewal' ceremony and this will be an Extinction Rebellion supporting event. If you have any fears or concerns about what is happening in our world this is a space where you can come and express them safely. Jewels is renowned for her holding of deep work while making it accessible to all. If you have not experienced it yet it’s highly recommended.


Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia and Tribe

With eyes covered, Shamanic Trance Dance takes participants on an inner visionary dance journey of discovery, empowerment and transformation. Zelia is a fully qualified shamanic guide, guardian and practitioner with over 15 years experience of holding shamanic trance dance workshops at Buddhafield festival and many other locations throughout the UK and Europe.


Sweat Lodge with Steve Baker and team

Ceremonies such as this have been happening for thousands of years. The Sweat Lodge represents the womb space of Grandmother Earth. Come and join us in the heat and darkness of this sacred place as we offer thanks for our lives, release those things holding us back, and consciously dream in our future. We bring many decades of experience to make sure you enjoy a powerful and safe ceremony. No-one gets paid for doing this, it is a gift to the collective and we will be inviting donations of £15.00 to cover overheads and to support the work we do. Ask at info point to find out where to sign up.


Transforming Shadows with Jamie Catto

Learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them. The shadow is not just the dark and yucky bits, it’s all the parts of ourselves we learnt at young ages were ‘unwelcome’ or got us rejected or told off. With Jamie Catto; creative catalyst, musician & mischief maker.


Lucid Dream, Kundalini Yoga, and Sound Bath Sleepover with Thomas Llewellyn and Lena Leszczcyc

An accessible kundalini yoga session, followed by an introduction to lucid dreaming and guided meditation, then sound bath into a sleepover through the night which is structured to support you having an experience of lucid dreaming.


Ecstatic Joyful Laughter Yoga! With Peter Flemming

Laughter Yoga: a joyful hour of laughter, smiles and play, plus a little bit of meditation, outside on the Village Green


Trauma Release Exercises with Nandan O’Leary

Release stress and nurture your nervous system. We will engage in self-care and listening to the body whilst regulating the nervous system and releasing tension through the TRE tremoring.


Shamanic Rituals with the Shaman Village

Joe Molloy and the Shaman Village invite you to share and receive the healing practices and traditions of the Incas. Benefit from the traditional healing practices of the Qero people in Peru and accelerate your own personal healing journey, whatever your additional beliefs or path in life, or philosophy.

  • Khuya Limpia Energy Cleansing with Stones Workshop. And decoupling of the fight/flight response Khuya Limpia is an ancient Inca energy cleansing massage using stones. We will demonstrate the practice and then invite the group to get into pairs where they will take it in turns to give and receive the massage. Everyone will be able to take their newly learned skills away and immediately be able to offer the healing practice to others. me. 
  • Gifting and learning the rites of the Munay Ki. We will demonstrate with several people how to give both the Day Keepers rite (Pampamesayouk Carpi) and the Wisdom keepers rite (Altomesayouk Carpi). The day keepers rite brings into balance and heals our relationship with the feminine. Both within us and in our relationships with others and the world around us. The Wisdom Keepers rite does this with the masculine. They support us in bringing a balance between both Love and Power into all that we do.The remaining 7 rites can be gifted from our workspace for those who want them for the duration of the festival. 
  • Shamanic Journeying Guided group journey to the lower world, and then to the upper world. The lower world journey teaches people how to journey and find a power animal, the lower world is like the garden of Eden and a place of great beauty where lost innocence and qualities such as love and trust that may have vanished from our lives can be reclaimed. The upper world journey allows us to reconnect with our spiritual origin, to ask for wisdom and guidance. To reconnect with our highest destiny. To remember why we chose to be here in this lifetime. 
  • Solar Activations ~ Initiations of the Children of the Sun.  The Solar activations connect with the 'etheric sun.' Thought of as the Sun beyond the Sun. Using the local star, our sun as our point of focus the exercises bring the light energy of the sun into our luminous energy fields, awakening dormant qualities. This rite is given 1:1, forehead to forehead when sitting facing each other. Initiations of the Children of the Sun needs no setup time really and no other resources.


Who Are You Behind Your Mask with Julita Ostrowska

This workshop is a fusion of dance, guided meditation, shamanic drumming and rituals. The aim of this workshop is to get in touch with our Shadow and embody it through movement. We will express our unique beauty and wisdom and get rid of the inner and outer layers in this intimate, powerful and ecstatic dance. This workshop is for anyone who wants to reconnect with inner power and explore the relationship with the body and their sexuality and release emotions through dance.


Parental Recovery Zone with Ollie Frame and Rob Carney

Rest and recuperation for parents. (No children allowed!) A combination of mindfulness practices, singing, sharings (ie participants in pairs or small groups), self-compassion, yoga nidra, laughter and movement exercises that help to restore weary, exhausted and tense parents. There will be a lot of variety, humour and liveliness in this workshop, as well as a lot of depth and rest. In the singing section, choir leader Rob Carney will get participants of all abilities singing uplifting and heart-nourishing songs in 3 or 4 part harmonies.


Voice Dialogue with Christie Animas

Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual practice enabling you to find peace and freedom of choice within the diverse aspects of yourself. In an embodied way, it allows you to separate out some aspects of yourself, the different parts of you that take up lots of space in your life. Doing this then creates a space where other aspects of yourself are revealed, embodied and reclaimed in your system. Come along for a taster of this rewarding process


Harmonic Growth Mandala Making & Harmonic Growth Sound Bath with Craig Dickson

The sounds of the didgeridoo, alongside setting intentions and mandala making are woven together to facilitate change by supporting people to explore their truths, passions and purpose in life. Craig will also hold a sound bath using didgeridoo and voice to support deep relaxation.


Dream Interpretation with Liz Prince-Harding

This is an introduction to dream interpretation and dream work – techniques for working with the symbols that dreams give us in order to understand their wisdom and messages to us. There are a variety of strategies – identification of Jungian ‘Archetypes’ (symbols with meaning universal to all people of all cultures); meaning of symbols personal to the dreamer; and a very simple ‘literal’ technique of dream interpretation. We will then go on to explore how dreams can be used to help us psychologically and in our day-to-day (waking) lives. We will use active imagination journeys, activities and discussion to further understanding of this fascinating art.

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Practices of Intimacy and Connection

Garden of Love – for all variety of couples; 
and Wombdala-Sacred Sexuality – for everyone; with Jewels Wingfield and Mark Penfold
and Wild Womb Woman Wisdom - for female-identified people; with Jewels Wingfield

Jewels Wingfield is with us again after 21 years of offerings. This year there is something for everyone, as well as things specifically for female-identified people. Jewels is renowned for her holding of deep work while making it accessible to all. If you have not experienced it yet, it’s highly recommended.
Am I Enough? - for male-identified people, with Mark Penfold.
Mark will be offering his powerful men’s work again. This time we will be focusing on the shadow of the King. Relevant to all men in our western culture and an opportunity to get a sense of the work that Mark, and Jewels Wingfield, Mark's partner, offer at the EarthHeart project. 

Skilful Flirting with Jayaraja and Lilamani

Connecting with our own inner beauty to be more centred in ourselves and more able to be present with the beauty in others and the world.


Mindful Communication with Jayaraja

An exploration of Mindful Communication, how to listen and communicate with honesty and kindness.


Conscious Speed Dating with Rupert Alison

Welcome to speed-dating where we make no assumptions about your gender, relationship status, or orientation! There will be a mix of fun and heartfelt group structures and one-to-one meetings, inviting you to open to your own authenticity whilst meeting others in theirs. You will be supported to remain fully within consent at all times. Whether you are looking for friendship, flirtation, a sense of tribe, a lover, a kinky play-partner, a soulmate, a festival buddy, or all the above – welcome!


Surrendering Ego Will to Divine Will with Rozy Glow

Desire is often linked with the ego and so we encounter hidden blocks to manifesting our intentions, because of our negative association with our conditioning.
This workshop explores physical practices that clarify intention, activate shakti/shiva balance, encourage optimal alignment and inspire heart centred action.
Once achieved in the physical, we look at engaging the conscious mind to the key elements of Successful CoCreation that allow the non-physical to become physical with Grace and Ease...a simple structure known as the 6 Steps to CoCreation Success. Bring a notebook and pen and consider the three areas of life you most want to evolve.


InToMeSee with Matt Rayner

A very beautiful, powerful and intimate journey into sacred connection, through conscious touch, conscious movement and conscious relating. Our physical bodies hold so much; emotions, stress and trauma get locked into the tissues and muscles. Conscious loving touch encourages the body to unravel and let go of what is being held, allowing more freedom to flow in life and the way of relating to others. Bodies need loving touch daily! Everyone is welcome, single or in a relationship, come open to journeying deep, and touching each other's hearts and souls.


Meeting Without Masks with Bethan Evans

When we drop our ‘masks’ and our habitual ways of being we can be together in more connection & intimacy. Starting from a closer awareness of ourselves helps open possibilities for how to be in relation to others. Come along to explore, experiment, practice – and maybe even enjoy it!


Honouring Life & Death with Anu Azrael

Relational Being is a gentle approach to inner work which blends meditation & diverse therapeutic tools to support us into an expansion of our awareness, increasing our capacity to give and receive love in relationship, giving us greater freedom to show up more fully in our lives. In this workshop we will work with honouring the powerful forces of life & death, our fear of death often displays itself in relationship as a fear of intimacy, we will create a safe space for dissolving fear and dropping deeper into our hearts. There is nothing more valuable than LOVE. All that is important is removing the blocks to it. Our ability to give it, to receive it & to let it speak in our lives.


Back To Sex with Eva Weaver

Reclaim the Joy of your Sexuality This workshop offers gentle yet powerful tools to help people of all genders to re-connect with their sexuality and erotic self. We will work with self enquiry, somatic exercises and group sharing using creative media such as free-writing, drawing, movement and simple somatic exercises. You will find ways to uncover limiting beliefs and tackle obstacles, re-connect with your erotic energy and get to know yourself (again) as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are.


Say NO Clearly & Express Your YES with Nicola Williams

Learn to connect more deeply with your authentic NO, explore the aliveness of your deepest inner YES, and clearly expressing and celebrating both as you communicate your boundaries clearly to others.


Truth Mandala with Nandan O’Leary and Catherine Hale

A place to safely bring and witness one's sadness, fear, anger and numbness whilst being held in supportive circle. Participants are invited to take turns stepping into the centre of the circle, divided into four quadrants, each containing an object through which they can speak their pain for the world. The objects --dry leaves, a stone, a stick and an empty bowl-- are picked up and used to express the emotions of fear, sorrow, anger and numbness.


The Art of Conscious Touch with Catherine Hale

I work with women and their partners, weaving together a diverse range of traditions and practices. I work with you to guide you into embodied female empowerment, through somatic education in the territories of sexuality, trauma, and pelvic health care to restore a body ~ mind ~ spirit connection within. I’m an explorer, forever curious about the world of body, mind and spirit. Everything I offer is a reflection of my own personal and professional journey of recovering from sexual trauma and learning to navigate pelvic health challenges.


Contact Improvisation Workshop & Contact Improvisation Jam with Richard Parker

Deeply intimate, creative & loads of fun to dance. Contact Improvisation is a practice of how two or more bodies move together as one in physical contact, within a spontaneously unfolding improvised dance. Progressing through a series of solo, partner and group exercises, the workshop will include a guided warming up, embodiment techniques, collaborative improvisation scores and experiential learning of fundamental structures, skills, techniques and pathways used within Contact Improvisation.

The Jam; a warm up to get into a state of readiness for Contact Improvisation, focusing on both somatic and improvisational movement, that progresses through a series of facilitated solo, partner and group exercises, leads into a Jam, which is a chance to explore the practice. During the jam participants are welcome to dance solo, change partners, join a dance, dance in groups, witness/observe, write notes and draw.


Learn to Swing Dance & Everyone Can Partner Dance with Tamsin and Neil

Tamsin and Neil will be teaching dance workshops in Swing Dance and Connection. They are joining forces to teach swing dance fundamentals in a fun and encouraging environment, as well as offering Everyone Can Dance workshops, which aim to give people involved a taste of real communication in partner dancing that feels connecting and wonderfully creative!


The Hearts Longing with Erwin Tielemans

Transformation of sadness, shame, and pain into vitality, authenticity and deep connection with ourselves and others.


S.O.R.R.Y (based on the 5 Apology Languages) with Neil Morbey
Sincere, Own, Recognise, Restore, Yearn

What is it to give and receive an apology? Do you apologise too much, or not enough? How can we reconnect more effectively after we hurt a relationship? This workshop explores the 5 Apology Languages to empower us to restore damaged relationships and let go of guilt.

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Dance and Movement Practices

Earth Dances with Denise Rowe and live musicians

Embodied movement and African Dance. Awakening the embodied self into thriving vitality in celebration of the gift of life. Denise is a dance and movement artist and facilitator with over 15 years experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation around the world.


5 Rhythms with Francis Eliot

An opportunity to embody, express, and share our unique ‘soul’ dance as it journeys through a 2hour ‘wave’ of music. Francis, trained by Gabrielle Roth in 2004, will be facilitating us through a profound and transformative journey of ecstatic embodiment.


The Soft Animal - Homage to Mary Oliver with Lee and Jamus of Emodied Presence

In this workshop we offer an invitation to drop down and into our felt experience of the body. To relinquish the reigns of the mind and allow body intelligence to arise. Moving, resting, dancing emerges from this moment, a feeling presence arises and it is as if grace is visits us all in our dance.

The Heart of the Human Animal; An invitation To Love with Lee and Jamus of Emodied Presence

The heart is an amazing organ of perception, it senses so much of what is unseen in our world. Its language is of emotion and feeling. If we include it and listen in, landscapes of the felt sense open up to us in new and profound ways. The heart is our compass in this life, showing us the ways in which we may be nourished and renewed. In this dance workshop we will awaken the heart of our animal body bringing meaning and a sense of discernment to our dance.


Ecstatic Dance with Osara

Ecstatic Dance is free-form dance. It’s a movement meditation which brings together awareness of mind, body, heart and soul through dance, movement and expression. Ecstatic Dance is a safe, held and sacred space for you to dance, move, release, express, and connect with yourself and others. It can be fun, deep, uplifting, ecstatic, liberating and so much more. It takes place over a 2 hour live DJ set and ends with a relaxing sound bath. From Ecstatic Dance Bristol.


WildMoves- 5Rhythms in The Woods with Tess Howell

5Rhythms dance is a type of movement-based mindfulness practice. It’s a great way to enjoy ourselves, to exercise and to meditate- all in the same moment! It’s a free form practice, so all you need is the willingness to follow your own feet. There are no steps to learn, nothing to get right. In Wild Moves events we use "silent disco" style headsets to take people dancing outdoors; out in areas of outstanding natural beauty. The dance sessions are gently guided through the headsets, letting us find the freedom of moving together in areas of wild nature with no nasty noise pollution to the surrounding environment. Check at info for details of how to sign up.


Women, Land, Ancestry with Denise Rowe and live musicians

Embodied movement for women. Opening into the depth of embodied being in connection with the Earth. Denise is a dance and movement artist and facilitator with over 15 years experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation around the world.


Ecstatic Shamanic Dance with Benjamin Crystal

Benjamin guides shamanic ecstatic dance workshops with music and gentle direction. Through harmonic flow, simple exercises, visualisation and intention, he builds the energy and experience. The Workshop starts with an opening circle and brief guided meditation and the creation of intentionality with the space. We then move from ambient and acoustic through waves of dance to an ecstatic crescendo. We then land the process with a shavasna style sound healing meditation using sacred frequencies. 'As we practice connecting to our deepest bliss, we resonate and flow with divine purpose.’


Explorative Dance Workshop with Marina White Raven and Lela Besom

An opportunity to explore your deep inner self, be present with your body and the environment, face challenges, find light, build confidence and create community. The movement exploration in this workshop will be based on butoh dance theatre, improv and contact improv dance forms. We will also use meditation and writing to inform the work. Dance experience is not required, all abilities and bodies are welcomed.


Dance of Life with Andy Raingold

Explore your journey to the present moment in an evolutionary dance that will take you through the 4.6 billion year history of life.


Goddess Awakening Dance with Anna Bykova

Reconnect with the divine feminine energy within our bodies, the primordial shakti, through dance and yoga. We will be using aspects of hatha yoga to tune in with our bodies and find the balance within. Through dance we will be embodying ancient devadasies - the dancing servants of gods, the epitomes of female beauty and energy. Up to 20 people.


Inner Dance with Ioonah Woods, Mike Grenville, Celia Libera, Cassandra Rosa

Inner Dance is a dynamic meditation facilitated by sound, touch and intuitive words. Held in a healing environment you are free to allow your body to release and move. You will be invited to lie down and with eyes closed, unwind your body and soul to touch your spirit.' It is the body's response to a meditation in movement. Using the circadian sleep cycles in the brain you experience a natural release of the stories trapped in the body. A deep sense of connection to the self arises after the session. Come to a well-supported space with healing practitioners with experience of holding space for you.


Ecstatic Dance - A Journey with the Elements with Elise Tassell

Connect with Nature through your body. Unwind the effects of the past, dance into the aliveness & potential of the moment.


Barefoot Rhythms (Movement Medicine) with Matt Rayner

Utilising ancient shamanic wisdom with music and movement. This is a gently guided space to explore the landscape of being human - from the quiet still places inside, to our wild dances, to our connection with the community of Life, and the sacred within and without. Fusing ecstatic dance with shamanic wisdom and embodied therapeutic practices, to bring more presence, connection and aliveness. Opening the possibility to be in deeper alignment with the full potential of the inherent “Medicine” that is our individual unique human being-ness. No experience is necessary – there is no right or wrong – simply a willingness to be present with yourself and bring it all back into the dance.


Rituals of Indian Dance with Sarra Wicheloe

Rituals of Dance are inspired by the Devotional Arts & Temples of Southern India, accompanied by mrudangam (Indian drum). Experience rhythmical footwork and intricate hand gestures in a range of dances from our Flower Offerings Ceremony to Goddess Invocations.


Salsa with Carlo Dragon

The popular salsa teacher Carlo is back to teach Rueda, the fun Cuban salsa wheel. It is a brilliant way of dancing, exercising and getting intimate with a whole group. You won't be disappointed!


Chi Gung with Mike Hartley

The workshops explore a range of different forms and techniques of chi gung allowing participants from starter to experienced to gain a fuller understanding of the practice as well as explore the connection with bodymind and breath. No previous experience needed.


Self Connection Qigong with Rik Midgley

Use the coordination of awareness and movement to open up the body, and listen deeply to the tangible energies that lie beneath the surface. It is a self-empathic process of deep physical awareness and acceptance, of knowing and loving ourselves.


Rise and Shine routine with Luke Tiernan

A series of movements done in the morning to awaken and energise the body. Prepare for the day ahead. Spreading energy, lubricating the joints, protect body from injury and give an overall sense of well-being. Starts with body tapping. Loosening exercises from toes to head. Finish with arm swinging to vitalise the body. Luke is a passionate qigong teacher sharing exercises to energise peoples lives.


Flow of Being Meditation with Bethan Evans and Ed Rooke

An active meditation to bring yourself more fully into your day and your life, to help create more inner space: An invitation to shake up and open to your experience, including all the thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It includes movement, sound & stillness and is done with eyes closed or bring a blindfold / scarf to cover your eyes if preferred.


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Song and Sound-making


Soulful Singing with Mahasukha

African, sacred, uplifting and fun en masse singing with the unique and inspiring Mahasukha. Guaranteed to uplift your heart and soul!


Tribal Heart Song with Susie Ro

Bringing the Buddhafield tribe into full harmony with songs of celebration and prayer.


Singing with Helen Yeomans

Helen will teach a variety of songs from her own compositions, for which sheis well-loved, to world songs, uplifting gospel and heartfelt chants. An experienced workshop leader both here and abroad, Helen’s workshops are for everyone. Expect to be moved!


Dream Song with Susie Ro and Uma

Uma & Susie's DreamSong workshop is a beautiful opportunity to give your full weight to the earth and allow yourself to completely let go into deep rejuvenating radical rest, to then be serenaded by exquisite, healing heart songs from the comfort of your own little bed! These sessions of Yoga Nidra and live music guide you to a deep liminal place where the tension of your life can be released and your natural state of relaxed 'beingness' can be restored.


Beauty of Mantra with Mahasukha

A magical, meditative and devotional mantra ritual with beautiful harmonies and candle offerings.


Freedom Song with Rob Carney.

Set your voice free! Come and learn songs of change, protest and freedom from street activist choir Voices of Freedom. Rise up singing! With Rob Carney

Community singing for everyone. Shake your body, move your feet and sing your heart out. Songs from around the world.

Vocal Jam with Zuma Puma

Break it down with some voice warm-ups, song, sound, intro to vocal percussion and a nifty group to lift the soul of sound with the intention to heal, unite, create, alchemise, improvise music only ever to be heard and expressed by us at this time and never again. Whether you are a seasoned songster or terrified of your voice- Join us in an inclusive atmosphere where there's no pressure to be "good" and feel uplifted by how together we can make beauty happen even if you've never considered yourself musical or vocally talented... Come celebrate your voice and our collective sound!


Eastern European Singing with Lena Leszczyc

We are going to explore our voices and practice traditional ‘white singing voice’ which is an open throat, bright and controlled screaming technique. We will dip into my heritage and learn polyphonic songs from Ukraine and Bulgaria, and beautiful ancient songs about nature.


Shamanic Sacred Drumming Workshop with Christine Headland

Working with the hoope Drum to access inner peace and understanding and connect with others. Sharing ancient Traditions in this world to create Community and Deeper self-awareness and understanding.


Introduction to African Rhythm with Allan Kerr

Intro to the instruments and technique - warm-ups, body percussion and fun games and exercises to get us in the groove. We will move into parts using various instruments and vocal percussion/song to create a rich layer of rhythmic cake.


Djembe Workshop with Allan Kerr

Djembe - the call of the drum - focus on a traditional djembe rhythm bringing some fundamental parts and exciting call and response breaks - playing with the dynamics of the music and the trance of being poised and alive whilst relaxed and in the rhythmic flow. Allan Kerr of Shumba Arts, guides us into the nuts and bolts of creating tribal percussion music.


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Creativity and self-expression

Creative Fire; Ignite! & Creative Fire; Perform! With Sam Bloomfield


These out of the box workshops use insights from neuroscience and creative arts therapy to celebrate play and experimentation. Participants are facilitated through game, movement, posture and music towards individual and social freedom. Having broken free from ideas of right and wrong, judgement and criticism we can then be ourselves, come into supportive relationship. Sam provides the magic combination of safety and creativity. His workshops are alive, responsive and guaranteed to get you moving and feeling moved.


Ecstatic Body Painting with Rupert Alison and Elise Tassell

This workshop is an invitation to step into our innocence, creativity and joy. We begin with some grounding movement, to awaken the body. Then we enter our ritual – taking time to explore skin as canvas, as we honour our own and each other’s bodies and boundaries. Finally, to celebrate our transformation into full colour, we return to free-movement and dance. You do not need to paint or be painted by anyone else to take part in this workshop. Everything is optional, and you will be supported to remain in consent at all times.


Writing From The Body with Eva Weaver

An embodied creative writing workshop Our bodies hold stories and memories- everything we have ever experienced, thought or felt lives in our blood, our bones, muscles, cells, our very DNA. But how do we tap into the rich ground that is our body for inspiration and authentic, original writing? In this workshop we will consciously tune into our bodies, using movement, breathwork, stretching, playful and somatic exercises to cultivate embodied writing. No experience in creative writing, movement or breathwork necessary, only a willingness to experiment.


Embodied Speaking: Relaxing Into Being with Anu Azrael

Authentic speaking is not something we need to do, it is something that happens naturally and powerfully when we learn to get out of our own way and relax into a state of not knowing what comes next, trusting that something beyond our mind is intelligent enough to speak what needs to be spoken. This is Inspirational Speaking. Learning to speak about what feels uncomfortable, having the courage to be real, open and vulnerable, having the humility to accept our limitations & imperfections. Inspirational Speaking teaches us to let go and take the risk of being the powerful and creative human beings that we really are.


Moon Circle – Our Mothers and Care of The Environment with Carmen Guiu.

The Moon circle is a ritualistic sharing space. Each moon circle has a different topic; the circle topic for the festival is Our Mothers and Care of the environment. After introducing ourselves everyone will have the opportunity to share on the questions proposed. We all hold a safe space for each other. All emotions are welcome. The intention for all who join us is to leave having re-evaluated and redefined themselves at least a little, but hopefully a lot. All this done with a circle of love and support around you.


Into The Zone with Yassin Zelestine

Progressive meditation/talk on not worryingand self expression, followed by freewriting, creating a freeform poem, and writing the self. & Scatteryourseeds with Yassin Zelestine

Exercises in expressing your work, lyric writing, using the voice, writing for the few and the many, sharing work if people want to. Both workshops offer meditative, expressive, positive aspects of creative writing using tools to enhance awareness and self-expression.


Creative Journaling with Yhonet Garcia

Create your own journal and express yourself through art and creative writing. Achieve relaxation through guided meditation and creative visualisation.


Life Drawing Workshop with Mike Hartley

Drawing from life model. Tutor-led, various techniques and materials explored. Paper and materials provided. Limited spaces available.


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Talks, practices and more

Freeing Ourselves From Oppression With Co-counselling with Carmen Guiu

As an experienced teacher of co-counselling I will share techniques and knowledge that can be used to heal from all trauma. Peer to peer or co-counselling is the action of counselling a partner and then after receiving counselling from that same person. Most people that discover the power of peer to peer counselling say that no other thing allows them to reemerge from their distress and patterns as effectively.

In Sync With The Cycles with Yeshe

How to live a life deeply rooted in the cyclical nature of the northern hemisphere with its 4 quarterly festivals and 4 cross quarterly portals. Working your social familial and work life to more harmonious cycles that benefits and enhances your life and your capacity to live a life in sync with the natural cycles of the earth and yourself.

Blood Mysteries with Yeshe, for everyone

The cyclical nature of the female's fertility and menstruation cycle and the far-reaching effects this has upon us and those around us. How women and men can begin to honour and work with these cycles skilfully. Also, I Include the political perspective of how the patriarchal system is built on the male fertility cycle and why this doesn't benefit men, women or the earth and is causing great harm to all involved.


Mobile Telescope Viewings with Alister Hillman

Telescope viewings of the sky each clear night after sunset. Saturn and Jupiter will be visible during the Buddhafield festival so would be the main astronomical objects to view. The telescope can show good views of Saturn's rings, Jupiter's stripes and its four major moons, Europas’ oceans and maybe even galaxies and star clusters. The telescope will be in a couple of different places each good weather night – come find it!


Applied Neuroscience for Yoga with Stephen Braybrook

A blend of theory and practical - learn some simple ways to integrate your mind-brain-body, to create a sense of safety in the nervous system, which helps us to easily to deepen the pose.

Free Your Fascia with Stephen Braybrook

A blend of theory and practical - what exactly is fascia and how can we work with it ourselves? Learn some simple techniques to release and free your fascia, to help with improved mobility of the body.

Breathing for Health with Stephen Braybrook

We all do it over 20,000 times a day. But are we doing it correctly? Learn some fascinating facts about what happens in this gaseous exchange and some quick-tips to improve your functional breath.


Raw Desserts with Tilly Wilde

Delicious and Nutritious Sweet treats plant-based raw food demo; discover how to make delicious desserts and sweet treats with raw plant-based nutritious ingredients, such as hemp, raw chocolate, and healthier alternatives to refined sugar.

Hempowerment with Tilly Wilde

An informative talk on the incredible life supporting beneficial aspects of the Hemp Plant. Focusing primarily on the non-psychoactive, legalised, health beneficial, life empowering aspects of Hemp, environmentally, medicinally, nutritionally, aswell as for hygiene/beauty care, clothing, housing, and industry, and how Hemp has now found its way to becoming legally available, offering us many empowering choices.


The Magical Shiny World of Dreams with Arthabandhu

Wake up to the treasures of the dream world. We’ll look at our views and habits around sleep and dreams, discover how to engage with dreams for spiritual growth, and how to be enriched by the beauty, wonder and mystery.


Anahata Meditation with Julita Ostrowska

A meditation based on the heart chakra. The purpose of this meditation is to open our hearts to give and receive love. We will be sitting in a circle and each person will take their turn to sit in the middle of the circle and absorb the love that everyone else will be transmitting for them.


Synchronicity with Liz Prince-Harding

This workshop will explore, using active imagination journeys, activities and discussion, the fascinating Jungian concept of synchronicity – i.e., powerfully meaningful coincidences (or recurring patterns in our lives.) We will explore some examples of astonishing synchronicities (famous ones and ones shared within the group) and look at how we can become more aware of them and use them for guidance in our lives.


Water Fasting and Recovery Time with Dr. Svetlana Tikhomirova

Practicing water fasting since 2003, I accumulated a set of safety rules for both actual fasting and the post-fasting re-feeding period for different body types. I offer a talk on the theory of why water fasting is rejuvenating and prolongs life and how it is different from intermittent fasting and juice fasting, how free radicals are produced in the body and the effect of seasons on fasting and re-feeding. Svetlana is an amateur nutritionist with a Masters in Physics and PhD in Materials Science.


Talk on Vaginal Steaming with Catherine Hale

Embodied Female Empowerment is my mission. I want to support women to celebrate their bodies and their sexuality and live healthy, vibrant fulfilling lives.


Tending the Flames of Desire (Talk) with David Bevan

Desire is a fire that keeps us alive, bringing warmth and light and transformation and communion - and of course it can also run rampage and burn down the whole forest. This talk offers a way of looking at desire that seeks neither to extinguish the flame nor set off wildfires, but instead to truly respect and tend to the flames.


In Love with the Mystery (Workshop) with David Bevan

One of the great sadnesses of our times is how deeply we have been taught as a culture to feel we already know the answer, or should know the answer, or even that such a thing as a single intelligible answer might exist. This workshop offers a tiny push in the opposite direction, to remind our dear misguided heads of what our hearts and bodies never fully forgot: that we never left the mystery, and that to be in the mystery is to be in love.


Surrender and Action Reconciled (Workshop/Talk) with David Bevan

The beautiful, beating heart of many faith paths and wisdom traditions is surrender - a dropping down of defences and dropping into the flow that is as empowering as it is peaceful. And yet so often we can feel torn between wanting to give in to the flow and to make changes in the world: just look where this flow is taking us - how can I surrender to *this*?

This talk and workshop suggest that it is possible to transcend this unhelpful either/or. By understanding surrender as an active, endless process, which includes surrendering to that mysterious inner conviction, we can watch our actions grow in both power and integrity.

Adult Games with Jud

Fun physical games for grown-ups