Weekly Sangha Nights

Join any week, no need to book - just click here from 7.25pm on Wednesdays


Hello Buddhafielders wherever you are :) ​

We are very happy to invite you to join us for our Buddhafield Sangha Night. 

Each month there will be a block of evenings on one theme, and then the last Wednesday of the month will be a webinar. 

The link to join is here and will be active from 7.25pm each week on Wednesday. Please join in plenty of time and you will be held in a waiting room until we are ready to start. 

The aim of sangha night is to provide a space for us to connect and deepen our dharma practice together.

With love and a bow to the Buddha in each of you,
The Sangha Night Team


Upcoming calendar

3rd March- Exploring order and chaos with Viryanaya

How do we respond to the idea of order and chaos? How could order and discipline bring freedom? How could chaos bring understanding and creativity? What do we each need more of?

Viryanaya is particularly interested in leading classes and retreats that integrate the intellect, the body and the imagination. She teaches at the Worcester Buddhist Centre and for Buddhafield.


10th March - The heart of existence is deeply mysterious with Danaraja

"Before, it was just concepts, but now it was feeling, and the feeling was joy without grasping—contentment.
Before, I learned a lot of theory, a lot of cognitive aspects
But after that, it became more alive, more experiential.” - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Come to Sangha Night and discover peace, a peace that flows with everything, that is everything. 

The evening will be an experiential exploration of aliveness. 

Danaraja has been committed to the Buddhist path for over a decade. Ordained into the TBO in 2016, he is helping Buddhafield create dharma spaces within our world, to share a western approach to the Buddha's ancient teachings and in doing so share the relief of this message and practice. 


17th March - details coming soon


24th March - details coming soon


31st March - Webinar - Mindfulness and Compassion in uncertain Time with Vidyamala - click here for more details


Join any week, no need to book - just click here from 7.25pm on Wednesdays


Photo credit: Kamalanandi