Thinning the Veil Land-Based Practice Day

This event is no longer open for bookings

11am - 4pm

The Buddha taught the Dharma as he travelled through his homeland, responding to the seasons and people he encountered which now inspires us to practice bringing our awareness and meditation to the places we will visit through the year.

Similarly, the ancestors who walked our land before us were deeply connected to the cyclic flow of the seasons through the year which they marked by eight festivals to honour Gaia with song, dance and reflection. These celebrations helped provide structure and focus to their lives and opportunities for sharing together as a community.

Observing the outward seasonal changes can prompt us to notice the subtle ebb and flow of our inner energy, allowing us to respond and move with it as we deepen the way we inhabit our world and our being.

Continuing our series of practice days following the ancient cycle brings us to the festival of Samhain in which we mark the summer's end and the beginning of the Celtic new year; a time to connect with both the reality of death and our faith in new life. It is a doorway between the seen world of matter and the unseen world of spirit; a crack in the fabric of space-time.

Join us at Frogmill, near Chagford in Devon on Saturday 31st October as Kevala leads a day of inner reflection, outer sharing and deeper connection to the ancestral forces that have brought us here and the Three Jewels that draw us toward liberation. ​Please bring a poem to share. 

About Kevala
Kevala has been practicing and teaching with tri-ratna for over 40 years. And was involved in the starting of Buddhafield. 

He is interested in deepening reflexive consciousness through intimacy with nature. A non- rational, imaginal approach involving somatic receptivity practices, reflection, solitude, space, poetry and myth.


  • Directions and further information will be sent on booking. 
  • This is an adult only event. 
  • All levels of meditation experience welcome. 
  • Deposit for this event is £10 and then dana (donation) is welcome on the day. Suggested dana £15. 
Frog Mill