The Light Within Online Retreat

This event is no longer open for bookings

with Akuppa, Dayajoti & Tim Blair
18th - 20th December

As the longest night approaches, so an opportunity to see the bright light within arises. Our ability to shine out into the world depends on the inner work that we do. All that we need is possible when we can accept both the brightness and the dark. 

Join Akuppa, Dayajoti, Tim and others for this weekend, at-home retreat to explore the light within. Meditations, yoga and kula groups will take place throughout the weekend supported by emails and independent practice. Two dharma talks will explore the Buddha’s teaching of Luminous Mind and the Buddhist path as Lighting the Darkness

 We will start on Friday evening and run through until Sunday evening. You are encouraged to take part in that which calls to you without needing to attend everything on offer. Practicing together in this way across the web of both internet and consciousness creates a powerful and supportive unity that is the very opposite of social distance. 


Talk Info

Luminous Mind:  our inner light
The Buddha taught that the nature of our heart and mind is like light, and that we need to realize it if we’re to be free. So how do we understand this, and what happens when we do?
Lighting the Darkness: radiating outwards
A candle in a dark room, the piercing beam of a lighthouse over an ink-black sea; the first rays of the rising sun, dispelling the night. What can such images evoke for the meditating mind, and following the Buddha’s path in an uncertain world?


The first talk will explore the inner light of our consciouness; and the second how that light can radiate outwards into the world.


Hatha Yoga with Tim Blair

Deepening our consciousness of body, mind and breath with postures that support our connection to the light within while exploring the flow of Prana through the Ayurvedic system of the nadis.


What’s included?

  • an email offering guidance on how to prepare for the weekend
  • daily emails containing poems, guidance for shared practice for the day, reminders of our daily schedule and other lovely info such as music and video resources
  • morning meditation sessions with Dayajoti
  • live movement sessions
  • hosted personal check-ins
  • evening dharma talks and meditations on Friday & Saturday with Akuppa 
  • a shared dinner on Sunday eve to finish our retreat


Further info

This retreat is open to all levels. 

There are three pricing tiers for this event -  £25/£35/£45. We ask that you pay what you feel you can to join and to support Buddhafield's fundraising efforts at this time. If you cannot afford to attend but feel called to join us, please get in touch with

Places are limited and we will close bookings at least one day before the start of the retreat so please book early to be sure of a place. 

You will receive booking confirmation. The preparatory email for the retreat, including a link to join, will be sent out 16th December via Mailchimp. Please check your spam and other folders for this email on that day. Get in touch asap if you don’t have anything so we can make sure you are receiving the emails that will be sent during the retreat. 


More about the retreat team

Akuppa is based at Newcastle Buddhist Centre and has been teaching meditation and Buddhism for twenty years. A long time advocate for ecological causes, he explores Buddhist practice as deepening a sense of kinship and love for the natural world. He is the author of ‘Saving the Earth: A Buddhist View’.

Dayajoti first met meditation and Buddhism through Buddhafield at the Big Green Gathering festival in 1997.  Her passions include supporting people in their meditation practice; teaching retreats; leading dance meditation; and being part of creating authentic community and a Buddhism that is joyful, earth-revering and soulful.