Open Retreat: The lights are on

Monday 17 August 2020 to Sunday 23 August 2020

The Heart Sutra asks us to “know that the Bodhisattva holding to nothing whatever, but dwelling in Prajna wisdom, is freed of delusive hindrance, rid of the fear bred by it, and reaches clearest Nirvana.”

Since the Buddha’s day the path he set out has been interpreted and practiced in three different ways: development, surrender, discovery. On this retreat we will be exploring the discovery approach, holding to nothing whatever. Through letting go of striving we end suffering.

No one can tell us how to “do” this. This relaxing of the grasping mind can only be discovered, allowed, welcomed, invited, noticed. Explore this counterintuitive and radical approach at the Buddhafield Open Retreat.

Optional yoga and chi gung are available on this retreat.

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Buddhafield Team
Frog Mill, Devon
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Adults only