Movement, play, word and song at GEA

Our ethos is to avoid stages and amplified performance. Sometimes, this will be necessary in inclement weather, but generally you will find musicians playing around the fire or on the open mic stage. We have some incredibly talented musicians either playing alone or creating some impromptu jamming. Join them, listen, sing, dance, whatever takes you...


The Wing Faced Earth Figs - a folksome fourpiece Spinning rich lyrical tales along a magic carpet ride of epic swinging fig folk. Dive in & be waltzed out of the darkness!


Dora Darling – Folksinger and songwriter of the earthy and the magical; Traditional original music


Bob Hillary - is a folk Singer-songwriter who makes music that is Earthy, funky & positive, with a strong World music influence


Myles De Gruyther


Nathan Williams


David Minguillón


Fool ExpressionChristie Animas. A fooling practice drawn from Franki Anderson's lineage. It is a practice that helps you access different parts/masks of yourself by being on stage by yourself or with others.


Inner Dance is a dynamic meditation facilitated by sound, touch and intuitive words. Held in a healing environment you are free to allow your body to release and move. You will be invited to lie down and with eyes closed, unwind your body and soul to touch your spirit.' It is the body's response to a meditation in movement. Using the circadian sleep cycles in the brain you experience a natural release of the stories trapped in the body. A deep sense of connection to the self arises after the session. Come to a well-supported space with healing practitioners with experience of holding space for you.

Body Moves Ecstatic Awakening Dance is an active meditation. An opportunity to move, let go, embrace and step into your own uniqueness. Using the Ecstatic Awakening Dance method we will move through four stages: Warm Up, Shake, Ecstatic Dance, Relaxation & Grounding. Each stage invites us to move from the thinking mind and explore the expression & freedom of the body We use music, movement & breath to support transformation and open to our full potential.

5 Rhythms – Dawn Morgan - The 5 Rhythms guide the dancer through 5 different ways of moving, each rhythm is a gateway to aspects of your self, that you may be familiar with or may be little known. An invitation to dance, to embody and embrace our deepest most essential selves.

Contact Improvisationm An introduction to CI principles; sharing weight, touch, and the practice of embodied awareness around the ever shifting moment. All are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes 


Taking Creative Risks - Comedy Improv GamesSebastian Black. Taking Creative risk and being vulnerable opens up so many doors in life. Through fun games and activities you will learn to let yourself loose and trust your intuition ! Comedy Improv is great for : Building confidence, trusting your inner creative, public speaking, communication skills, decision making, rolling with the punches and so much more !


Singing with Helen Yeomans Helen Yeomans is one of the country's best-loved choir leaders and songwriters. Her heart-lifting songs are sung all over the UK and abroad and she will bring some of her favourites to Buddhafield this year along with a variety of unforgettable songs from around the world, gospel and sacred chants. Expect to be moved!


Sing for you Soul - Vocal Improv - Vanisha Mistry - The Sound of Joy is an improvisation and expression workshop using play, sound and body movement to activate the inner child and our most authentic voices. We will play a range of games and exercises and include circle singing suitable for all levels of voice explorers!


The Cosmic Chord – Nathan Williams - it’s a musical universe! A workshop and talk on overtones, harmonics and the cosmos, including singing the notes of the harmonic series in a group.

Traditional English Folk Song WorkshopDora Darling - Learn folk songs from the British Isles with beautiful harmonies. All songs taught by ear, words provided


Life Drawing - Mike


Qi Gong - Mike


Self-Connection Qigong Explore the mind-body interaction from the body's perspective of tangible sensations. Use awareness of sensations and movement to calm the mind, and bring freedom from habitual or traumatic responses. Cultivate a sense of non-reactivity from which the possibility of free choice is enhanced.


Yoga i-D - Lucy Barber - Yoga i-D works from the principles of Hatha Yoga,  intelligently sequencing Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Practices) and Relaxation, that connects the physical body and the mind. A Yoga i-D aims to help individuals find a Living Connection with Yoga that reconnects their inner self and rhythms of their own life, to enhance wellbeing. Lucy is a British Wheel of Yoga Trained Teacher, practicing Yoga for over 17 years.


Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga This session will take you through tuning in with your breath and your body, using a gently flowing Hatha sequence.L isa's classes integrate gentle physical flows with a deeper awareness, and she aims for students to leave feeling grounded and grateful in their bodies.


Tai Chi – Abhayajit. In these workshops we’ll be examining the internal aspects of Tai Chi. We’ll be looking at how movement comes through softening and searching for the elastic like forces in the body that yield tremendous power.


Games For Fun to train our awareness, activate the body and connect with each other. Dave Kyrrell.