Meditation and Buddhism at GEA



Meditation and Intro to Buddhism - How can we respond to the suffering of the world? Meditation helps to bring insight through increasing awareness of what is really going on in our mind and heart. We become more aware of, and engaged with, the world around us; other people, the environment, and ultimately, the nature of reality itself.


Breathing for the Earth - How do we take care of ourselves while taking care of the planet? Using insights from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village tradition we will offer concrete practices that connect nourishing ourselves with committed action to protect our planet in this time of ecological and climate breakdown. Wake Up London is a diverse community of young people practicing in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village tradition

Ritual is shared action, expressive of common strivings, rooted in common values. (Erich Fromm) Our ancestors lived connected with the earth, the seasons and the stars. Ritual was a way of collectively expressing these deeply felt connections. When a number of people come together to participate in a ritual, it becomes a way to express and strengthen our sense of community with others who have the same goal as ourselves. Ritual can help us stay connected to the mystery and magic of simply being alive. Creating conscious rituals is important to help us renew this bond of life a return to the sacred mystery and honouring of our interconnectedness. The rituals at the Green Earth Awakening are an exploration of how we might create ritual to help us become more present in the moment with the earth and each other. Drawing on Buddhist and pagan ideas we hope to find a way to a way of creating and deepening our sense of community.