Land and Nature Connection at GEA

Wild Food Foray - Forage the fields and hedgerows with experienced herbalist, forager and teacher Jesper Launder. An opportunity to learn more about the edible plants, fungi, and wild herbal medicines on show in the summer. Medical Herbalist and Foraging teacher with 30+ years of experience. Jesper leads passionate and fun-filled events for all ages and experience.


Trackways teaches a wide range of skills from basic Bushcraft courses, Wildcraft Survival, Tracking, Nature Connection & Awareness and the Shamanic wilderness Spirit work.


Buttering Sky Practices to experience nature fully, become present and connect deeper. Dave Kyrell


Fire by Friction – Jessie and Jane


Plant and Tree Bathing: Deepening our relationship with the Plant Kingdom – Carol Timms. Opening our awareness,cultivating our intuitive communication. Expressing our encounters in spoken/written word/colour. Sharing our revelations in a small group.