Communication and Social Change at GEA

When Nothing You Do Is Ever Enough What Do You Do? - Kirsten Kratz - Practice in the Face of the Climate Emergency. How might we live life if we dared to really open our hearts to the truth of our predicament? What practices and perspectives can help to resource and strengthen our heart-mind and bring forth a sense of joyful dedicated responsibility.

Deepening Hope in Troubled TimesDavid Gee - In an increasingly troubled world, what does it mean to live and work in hope – without lapsing into easy optimism? How are some people and communities better able than others to do the work of hope? We’ll explore six ‘core conditions’ of grounded hopefulness and work a little on strengthening these in ourselves.

Hope in an Age of Extinction - David Gee - However strong our hopes might be, they can’t bring back the species the earth has lost or the habitats that are yet to be lost (even under the most optimistic of climate scenarios). In an age of losses, what of worth remains? And what does the work of hope look like? In this workshop/discussion we’ll be wondering what practices of hope can help us to hold faith with the work we have to do.


Death Awareness Space - We will be providing a full programme of workshops around the theme of death. Opportunities to share your story and be heard, a Death Cafe, plus a series of sessions exploring both spiritual and practical aspects of dying such as what it means to have a 'Good Death', what to do when someone dies, forgiveness, what we leave behind, Companion Voices, and a blessing the body ceremony.  We will also have drop in / open times for listening, support, resources, information and quiet time; This will be flexible to accomodate things as they come up.


XR Grief Circles are spaces held for full expression of any emotions arising around climate and ecological collapse. Anxiety, fear and despair are natural responses to the situation we find ourselves in. In this space, we invite you to share these emotions and actively listen to others, without offering advice or solutions. Through this process of sharing, we can find the space we need from our discomfort.


Collective Care – Reboot the Roots - These are difficult times. We increasingly lead fraught, isolated and hectic lives, with burn-out and personal crisis common experiences. Yet how often are we afforded space to nurture our supportive networks? 

In this embodied process we use processes from the Theatre of the Oppressed to know and transform our collective experience of personal crisis and mental wellbeing, gaining tools to move beyond simple self-care towards collective care.

Theatre of the Oppressed is a range of techniques, games and exercises, developed to support the empowerment and liberation of individuals and their communities. It is a way of analysing the power dynamics of our society and our personal relationships, based on the 
belief that personal problems are social problems.

Workshop 1: Diagnosis
We will look at the power and limitations of labels and explore mental wellbeing as a fluid experience rather than a state.
Workshop 2: Stigma
We will explore our inner and outer processes around social stigma and discrimination and look at wellbeing from a sociopolitical dimension.
Workshop 3: Care
We will look at at at the multiple ways in which we can offer and accept help and support, moving beyond simple self-care to collective care.


Evolutionary Groups: Exploring Ethical Organisational Structure & Decision Making - Cait Crosse - How can we run groups, organisations and communities so that they become 'the change we want to see in the world'? What would organisations look like if power was shared, the knowledge & energy of everyone involved was harnessed to make decisions and we also had systems in place to really get stuff done? This session will explore knowledge and tools to create radical organisational and group structures in line with Buddhist principles. The session will be led by a Buddhist trainer with lived experience in self-management organisations and a passion for the subject!


Emotional Resilience for Activists – Alice Irving - Why is burnout so prevalent among activists? How do you stay conscious without becoming disillusioned? How can we take good care of our world without taking good care of ourselves and each other? You CAN make a BIG difference without becoming overwhelmed on a personal level. Master a simple technique to ensure your emotional wellbeing on the frontline in a safe, warm and confidential setting.


More than Human: Exploring Identity Without a Species Boundary Alex Toogood -  We relate to our world through the fixed images that our conceptual mind creates. Could we start to tease apart the constructs around one of our most core identities; that ‘I am Human’? What beauty may enter the space created in such an inquiry? What might become possible?


The Work that Reconnects is a gentle but powerful workshop method developed by eco-philosopher and Buddhist Joanna Macy and others. It offers an opportunity to connect with what we love and care deeply about, express our gratitude and pain for the world, shift our perspectives and empower ourselves to take action towards a life sustaining future. Team: Klaudia, Marisa and Rosie.


Mindful CommunicationJayaraja - A live exploration of how to communicate from the heart. Drawing on the wisdom of the Buddha, Marshall Rosenberg, (Nonviolent Communication) Dan Siegel, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Gestalt psychotherapy.


Voice Dialogue – Christie Animas


History of Summer Gatherings and Sustaining Their Energy Throughout Winter - Have you ever struggled to sustain the feeling of possibility and inspiration which being at a gathering in a field inspires, back in 'the real world'? This workshop is a space where we will explore and celebrate the cultural and historical value of summer festivals, from harvest days to Pagan rites. We will share what the lived experience of festivals mean to us, and discuss ways to sustain our energies for projects ecological, spiritual and personal throughout the winter. Kirsty M. Moyse is a writer, historian and environmentalist, and a previous member of an off-grid eco-village near London.