Buddhafield in the Web BIPOC/BAME July 2020

Within the Buddhafield in the Web event, we will be holding several closed sessions for our BIPOC/BAME community. The current timetable is below.

BIPOC/BAME space is for individuals who identify as people of color (Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Arab/Middle Eastern, biracial, multiracial,and others identifying as non-white).

We recognise that there are real economic consequences of systemic racism. We do not wish to exclude anyone from this event and its potential resources based on this financial hardship. If you need to pay a lower ticket price than those on offer or get free access to the event, please email lotusbuddhafield@gmail.com. All tickets allow full access to the whole event as well as the BIPOC/BAME sessions.

Wednesday, 15th July, 7pm
POC Space Welcoming Ceremony with Amaragita, Chair of Buddhafield including:

Puja for the earth we live on by Mary Salome
Drumming by Gurnam

Bring poetry and or a song. 

Thursday, 16th July, 7pm

Healing Circle - Hosted by Vimalasara and Zenobi
Aboriginal sounds of the Dijeree Doo
Ester Nicholson will lead us in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping) – a healing modality that combines Chinese acupuncture with spiritual psychology.  This technique taps into the meridians points on the body to release negative patterns, traumatic memories/core wounds, dysfunctional emotions and distorted beliefs.  It supports us in aligning with our authentic identity of wholeness. (Ester Nicholson)

Friday 17th July, 7pm

DJ Bav - spinning classic soul covers, reggae and much more.

Glam up - if you have a song you want to offer let us know.

It's time for us to partee and let loose and have fun.

Saturday 18th July
No event due to main Buddhafield in the Web evening ritual – all welcome

These sessions are closed Zoom events for BIPOC & BAME members of our community. We take it on trust that only those who need to attend this event will attend. However, we will take steps to safeguard these spaces.

Links for these sessions will be sent out by email and shared on FB during the event. 

In the meantime, if you wish to be added to the International BAME/BIPOC initiative  mailing list, please let us know by emailing lotusbuddhafield@gmail.com

Save the dates - After Buddhafield in the Web
A Series of Open Panel Discussions on Racism
with Triratna order members and TFOs

July 25th 5pm-7pm

September 5th - 7pm-9pm
White only panel

September 26th 7pm- 9pm
A mixture of races panel

Sponsored by the International BAME/BIPOC Teaching Kula, The Buddhist Centre, and Buddhafield Festival

More details will be available soon both at The Buddhist Centre and on the Buddhafield Facebook page.