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This event is no longer open for bookings

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Our campsite is for families, groups and individuals to camp drug and alcohol-free, on Buddhafield’s beautiful land, on the edge of Dartmoor. 

We want to create space in which we can connect to nature and each other. Connection to each other will need to be distanced for now! But holding each other in awareness, with consideration and care, is what builds community. Our campsite will not be the Buddhafield space we might be used to; we won’t be able to sit around a communal fire, have rituals or huddle under canvas together. But what we can offer is simplicity and an opportunity to be in awareness of each other, in nature, with access to meditation and bodywork. 

What you can expect - a different way of being at Buddhafield: 

  • Just like other campsites you’ll be bringing your own food and doing your own cooking. 
  • Reasonably priced and spacious pitches
  • Buddhafield’s own compost toilets and woodfired hot showers
  • A large, covered open-sided structure for socially distanced meditation and yoga practice - we will have teachers on-site who are able to lead yoga, meditation and  Qigong

We hope that the conditions for a buddhafield to arise will also be present as we will be embodying dharma practice and living in kindly community with one another.


Please do not book until you have read the following conditions


We will be asking for contact details at the time of booking in order to trace COVID-19 infection if an outbreak occurs. If you or any of your party have symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay at home. 

You need to be able to arrive onsite between 1pm and 5pm on the arrival day. On your last day, you need to be offsite by 12pm. 

You will be asked to provide us with a vehicle registration number after booking. This is the vehicle you will arrive to site in and you must be able to leave at any time. Regrettably, this means we cannot take walk-ups or people arriving by public transport. This is contrary to what we normally encourage but the only way we can ensure that anyone developing symptoms can leave immediately with their entire party. 

Due to social distancing policies, we are limited to what we can provide as infrastructure. You will need to be prepared for all weathers, with adequate provision for self-catering with both rain and sun protection. We will NOT be able to provide all the communal indoor spaces, entertainment and kids activities that we would normally offer. 

If you are shielding or are covid-19 vulnerable please take responsibility for your health and well-being as we cannot make special provisions for individuals.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide accessible toilets. Please take this into consideration before booking.

In order to adhere to Government guidelines, we will require a strict arrival and leaving policy. For more guidance on changes or cancellations of bookings please see our full terms and conditions. Our T&Cs are subject to change based on the latest guidance and we will be finalising our arrival procedure up until the few days before we open. This may also be subject to revision throughout the month we are open. We will let you know all the latest details in an email a few days before you arrive.

Social distancing rules apply to everyone at all times on and off-site. The well-being of the local community is extremely important to us and so we ask you to be considerate. We welcome walks onto the moor following designated footpaths. Crossing the boundaries of the land into neighbouring fields is not permitted. 


What to Bring

You will need to self cater so please come fully stocked with all supplies including gas, utensils, food, washing up bowls etc. We are unable to provide food storage, fridges or freezers. 

We recommend bringing plenty of hand gel, soaps and sanitizers to protect you during your stay. 

We will provide a list of local food suppliers and caterers that will welcome your business during your stay. The nearby village of Chagford and town of Okehampton offer most of the shopping and cafe facilities you would expect but please ensure that you comply with all local guidance on Covid security. Alternatively, we will have an ‘on-site shopper’ who will happily re- stock you and if you need any on-line shopping it can be delivered to Thornby (Thornby, Yeo Rd, Down St Mary, Crediton, EX17 6DU) from where it will be brought to site. 

Weather conditions can change dramatically. We recommend that you come prepared with suitable clothing and footwear.

As much as possible, we want to protect the soil and watercourses on the site. Therefore, we ask that you bring cleaning products such as hand wash, shampoo, shower gel and washing up liquid that do not contain Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Dioxane, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Diethanolamine or DEA.

Please do not bring dogs, cats or other animals. We will simply ask you to leave with them. 



  • Camping Equipment 
  • Cooking stove & gas
  • Kitchen utensils & cool box
  • Extra Bedding / hot water bottles - nights can be really chilly.
  • Wet weather gear including WELLIES (essential), and raincoats.  Waterproof trousers if you have them.
  • Towels
  • Torches
  • Your own cushions, blankets for meditation and Yoga mat if you have them.
  • Essential personal items – eg enough medication for the week
  • Soap, and hand sanitizers



We will provide compost toilets, cold water taps for washing up, showers and covered meditation and yoga spaces with limited spaces. You should bring your own Yoga mats and meditation cushions. 

There will be no mains power on site and no facilities for charging phones or devices. Here is a perfect opportunity for simplicity! 

We will not provide recycling bins. Like many campsites we ask you to take home your rubbish with you as much as possible.

Don’t empty waste water straight into the stream. Pour into a hedge or edge of a field to allow dirty water to be filtered through the ground before entering the stream. This goes the same for peeing. 

We will not be able to accept portable chemical toilet waste on site.

Solar / Wind power generation only – we do not allow petrol or diesel generators on site. 


Being considerate of your neighbours

We ask for a LOW NOISE policy from 9pm. Sound systems and amplified music are not welcome. Be considerate of your neighbours. Tents do not sound insulate well!


Drugs, alcohol, Smoking and "legal highs"

A sober, recreational drug and alcohol free environment is a significant part of what Buddhafield is about. Recreational drugs, alcohol or "legal highs" are not tolerated on the land; failing to respect this will result in persons being asked to leave. 

Smoking is permitted at personal tents only (not inside tents). No smoking is permitted inside or out, around any communal areas. Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished, disposed of safely and not left on the ground. 


Your Safety on Site

Our campsite is on a beautiful piece of land on the edge of Dartmoor. We want you to connect and feel at home in nature. However, there are risks associated with poisonous plants, animals and insects. There is a stream running through the land with some steep banks and pools of deep water. Hemlock Water Dropwort is present on the land which can be deadly poisonous if consumed. It grows in damp ground, marshes or water. We ask you to be responsible for your children at all times and to not encourage any of your party to pick or eat the wild flora. There are also ruins at the top of the site which will be marked off. Children remain their parents’ responsibility at ALL times.



This area is prone to Ticks which may carry bacteria that can cause serious health problems if not treated quickly. Bring a suitable repellent, check your body frequently, and avoid sitting directly on the ground. Please see this leaflet to get you fully Tick aware! You may want to bring light long trousers - we would recommend the 'golfer look' or 'deet ankles' or wellies in certain areas. Products with 20%–30% DEET are considered optimal for protection against most tick species. You may also want to invest in a tick remover device - these are widely available. Please be aware that Ticks can pass on Lyme disease which, when diagnosed early, is treatable.  If your health/immune system is already compromised please consider what additional precautions you may need to take. 
The water provided is labelled for drinking or washing for hygiene purposes. Only use the taps for the purpose they are labelled for. 


Fires and BBQ s

No open fires or fire pits are allowed on pitches. Fire bowls or braziers and BBQ s raised off the grass are permitted. Please ensure BBQ s are properly extinguished before going to bed or dumping the coals. In tented areas, we prefer that battery or solar charged lighting is used and any cooking by camping gas is outside the tent, away from any flammable materials. Parents are responsible for their children around all fires. Bring charcoal with you as we will not be providing or selling any.

No paper sky lanterns, please. As well as a fire hazard when lit (e.g. if they're blown astray onto nylon tents), when they expire, the metal remains are known to fall onto grass and be ingested by animals / livestock badly hurting them.


How to book

Click on the booking link above and choose your dates. You can join us for as little as three days or as many as you’d like from 7th August – 7th September. To book periods of 7 days or more, choose as many blocks as you’d like and select the number in your party from our drop down list. Please remember to do this for all adults and childrens. 

You will get booking confirmation. Please respond to this email immediately with your vehicle  registration number. Bring your booking confirmation with you to site. Full directions will be sent with your booking. 

Any questions, please contact us

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