Body of Bliss:  Ways into Samādhi Online Retreat

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Adult Deposit £60.00

Saturday, 6th March - Sunday 14th March 


Led by: Nagesvara and Dayajoti
Location: Online
Open to: Adults
Experience level: Order Members and Mitras with 5 years+ experience in Triratna
Deposit: £60 
Suggested donation: £120 (generosity tier)/ £95 (standard)/£60 (supported)

The Buddha spoke often about the importance of Samadhi (absorption in meditation).  He described in detail the states of absorption called the Dhyanas, with their many flavours, including wellbeing, joy, bliss, peace and stillness.    

On this retreat we’ll take the view that the most important condition for samadhi is openness of being. This allows a whole range of ways in, including breath, metta, devotion, and insight, all of them grounded in experiencing the body as a field of energy.  If you think samadhi or dhyana is out of your reach, please think again and consider immersing with us on this intensive meditation retreat.

The retreat draws on material from Rob Burbea. Here is a link to resources you can use to prepare and deeply immerse yourself in this subject. 

You will need to fully set aside the whole retreat period and you will be strongly encouraged, if at all possible, to set up good conditions for immersing in deep meditation. Do book early, as numbers will be limited in order to allow lots of opportunity to explore individual experience in detail, via both group and 1:1 meditation reviews.  


What's included? 

  • An email offering suggestions on how to prepare for the retreat
  • Guided meditations live on Zoom, plus some recorded meditations
  • Live yoga sessions
  • Input sessions with talks and/or Q and A
  • Group meditation reviews
  • Individual meditation reviews (probably three per retreatant)
  • Evening sessions with simple ritual, mantra, meditation. 

The retreat will be flexible enough to accommodate different needs and levels of experience. Please note that this is not an ordination training retreat. 


Leader Bios 


At age 18 Nagesvara got involved with the Stockholm Buddhist Centre. For eleven years he lived in Cambridge, worked in a Buddhist run business and mostly lived in Buddhist communities. Nagesvara was ordained in 2006, moved to Barcelona in 2012 to help set up the Barcelona Buddhist Centre, and in 2017 did a one year long meditation retreat. Since 2019 he has lived in Madrid with his wife running classes, courses and retreats locally and internationally. Meditation is something he is passionate about and a journey he has been on all his adult life. A journey he takes real delight in sharing with others.


Dayajoti first met meditation and Buddhism through Buddhafield at the Big Green Gathering festival in 1997. Her passions include supporting people in their meditation practice; teaching retreats; leading dance meditation; and being part of creating authentic community and a Buddhism that is joyful, earth-revering and soulful. Dayajoti has meditations and talks online on both Free Buddhist Audio and here on Insight Timer:


Yoga for all levels, drawing on hatha flow and yin practices, encouraging a more accepting, sensitive and open relationship with our bodies, hearts and minds. 


Further info & terms and conditions

  • Tickets for this event are non-refundable. Exceptional circumstances will be considered. Please email with further details.
  • The published programme will be as accurate as possible but will be subject to change at the discretion of the organisers.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties that prevent your participation in a specific session within the programme. However, we are of course on hand to help prevent this. 
  • The minimum age for this event is 18. Anyone under this age must be accompanied by an adult and hold an adult ticket. We may ask for proof of age for anyone attending an event.
  • Talks may be recorded. By taking part, you indicate that you agree to this recording and subsequent sharing of the recording on our website and social media channels.
  • We do not want to exclude anyone on the basis of financial hardship. Please get in touch if you need a discounted ticket. We have a limited number of subsidised places available.