Action from Depth: Training in Radical and Applied Dharma - Eco-dharma and Green Earth Awakening Retreat 2021

Friday 10 September 2021 to Monday 20 September 2021
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Adult Deposit £80.00
Ticket Type Ticket Price Number Of Tickets
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Led by: Eco-Dharma Team - Guhyapati, Alex Swain and Ilaj Zaremba
Location: Frog Mill, nr. Throwleigh, Devon
Open to: Adults (see below for further information)
Experience level: All levels
Deposit: £80
Suggested donation: £620 generosity, £400 standard, £260 supported (For an explanation of donation levels check here)  Vehicle pass: £10

Booking for this retreat requires a brief application process beforehand. Please email: to take part in this before paying your deposit. 


We’re living at a critical moment which contains both great peril and promise. The challenges we face are simultaneously socio-political, cultural and spiritual. It is a historical point of disruption demanding radical transformation. To meet this crisis, we need strategies for deep change on multiple levels.

The fierce urgency of the climate crisis, combined with the twilight of neoliberalism, impoverished political leadership, and an increasing sense of distributive injustice, are the cracks out of which something new must emerge.

This training-retreat is for people who hear this historic call to action, but want to find tools and perspectives that can help us to avoid the common pitfalls of reproducing in ourselves and our groups the problems we are trying to challenge. 

This training-retreat will help us to develop skills and understanding, as well as deeper resources that can help us to play an empowered and effective part. We will take an integral and radical approach to practice, both ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, honouring interconnectedness at all levels. It requires an ability to hold oneself and the world in one seamless image, and act accordingly.


Who’s it for

This event is aimed at people with at least basic experience of Buddhist meditation, and with either a history of social engagement or a strong and clear commitment to carry the learning from the retreat/training into social/ecological action.

The Eco-Dharma team will draw on many years of radical dharma and activist training to:

  • explore dharmic and meditative practices - in the context of this ecological and socio-political moment. 
  • explore the ecological and socio-political moment in the context of radical dharma!
  • apply the insights and strengths of dharma practice to empower practical skills for collaboration, organising, and developing effective strategies for socio-ecological transformation


The retreat aims to support:

  • deepening of meditation and dharma-based practices to strengthen inner resources of clarity, insight, courage, patience and emotional resilience
  • exploration of how these inner based practices inform and support outer engagement and activity
  • the creation of a temporary community, in which individuals can reflect on their experience, go deeper in understanding their own motivations and concerns, and share experience and learning
  • exploration of key skills, tools and challenges related to organising and engagement, such as: 
  • understanding social change, thinking strategically, developing collaborative projects, working effectively with others, developing a resilient and regenerative approach to activism


Booking for this retreat requires a brief application process beforehand. Please email: to take part in this before paying your deposit. 


Frog Mill