Theme 2018: Dance of Life and Death

Buddhafield Festival 2019 | Information coming soon!

Traditional Tibetan style copper sculpture of Green Tara

Green Tara | Image © Kirsty Porter 2012

The Buddhafield theme for 2018 is, Dance of Life and Death

Finding our way through life can be likened to a dance: can we move creatively through it, with grace and beauty, keeping our hearts open? Human mortality sits at the centre of all that we do. We are all going to die - it is the only thing we can be certain of. Many of us try to hide away from this painful and uncomfortable fact. Buddhist teachings encourage us to gently face this truth, which allows us to realise how precious our life is and connect with our deepest values and aspiration – the longing at the heart of life. In doing so, our dance is energised with joyfulness.

Death can bring deep sorrow and grief. As the Buddha showed, all human lives are touched by loss. The paradox of the dance of life, is that it is also the dance of death. Life is so precious because we have such limited time on this earth. How do we honour our grief and sorrow, whilst allowing it to permeate our lives in a positive way, encouraging us to transform ourselves? This season, we will be celebrating our relationships, coming into community, turning towards death and celebrating the joy of life, together, supported by our beautiful earth.