Green Earth Awakening 2018 : Workshops and Camp Programme

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An intense discussion | Image © Steve Jackson 2015

When is it? Wednesday 12 — Sunday 16 September 2018.

What is it?

The Green Earth Awakening is a camping event for up to 500 people in the beautiful Blackdown Hills at the new moon. Hot shower and sauna facilities are available on site for a small charge.

Each day will follow a timetable of meditation, bodywork, workshops and talks with evening music, ritual, open mic and cinema all included in the price. The crafts will run drop in spaces throughout the week and some will ask for a donation to cover their material costs.

The Buddhafield Cafe and Outer Regions Cafe will be the main food vendors. A meal pass can be purchased online that will cover all meals from Wednesday dinner through to Sunday lunch at the Buddhafield Cafe. Individual meals can also be bought from either Cafe throughout the days.

How can I get involved? We’re recruiting volunteers for the Buddhafield Café.You could consider volunteering with the GEA Steward Crew.

Any questions? Contact us about the GEA.

These are just some of the workshops and teachers booked so far. More will be updated soon...

Meditation With Sraddhadharini , Vajrapriya and Dharmamrta. How can we respond to the suffering of the world? Meditation brings insight through increasing awareness of what is really going on in our mind and heart. We become more aware of, and engaged with, the world around us; other people, the environment, and ultimately, the nature of reality itself.

Vishvapani Director of Mindfulness in Action, has been teaching meditation and mindfulness for 25 years. He’s also known as a writer, broadcaster (appearing regularly on Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4). He’s worked with the UK Parliament and the Welsh Assembly and is at the forefront of bringing mindfulness to the UK Criminal Justice system.

Kirsten Kratz has practised Buddhist meditation in Asia and the West since 1993. She started teaching in 2006. One of her particular passions is exploring how wisdom teachings can foster appropriate responses to the challenges of our time; she supports those on a personal retreat in Gaia House and is co-initiator of the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement

Emptiness, Meditation and Action With Satyamuni. The title of this talk comes from one of the songs of Milarepa, a 11th century buddhist yogi.  Creating a narrative drawn from the symbolism, myths and teachings associated with three buddhist archetypal figures*, Satyamuni reflects on how opening to what is beneath and beyond our current consciousness is timeless and also work in progress.  As individuals, a gathering, communities do we share the same vision? That transformation is possible and our work is to become fully interconnected expressions of wise compassionate action in this world?  How can we keep vision, inspiration and our work in progress alive and healthy in a world suffering and burning in flames of greed, hatred and ignorance.

Why I am a Buddhist Buddhist practitioners give their personal story of what led them to meditation and why they chose buddhism.

Taster sessions for Academy of CoArts With Iwan Brioc. Introducing Context Oriented Arts (CoArts) as an approach to Mindfulness and Mindfulness as an approach to Theatre. That is the proposal of CoArts. In this workshop you are invited to explore some practices that can make mindfulness fun, while also making participatory theatre more relevant and useful for an audience or group. Iwan Brioc is Director of Research and Practice at the Republic of the Imagination, a charity and international network of CoArts practitioners.

Earth First! Will be carrying info for campaigns and radical books people may not find in mainstream book stalls.

Mission LifeForce: Justice for the Earth Jojo Mehta is co-founder (with barrister and ecocide law expert Polly Higgins) of Mission LifeForce, the recently launched global campaign inviting Earth protectors around the world to help make ecocide a crime at the International Criminal Court. She is an activist, writer and speaker, known for her work in supporting and inspiring community mobilisation against fracking and incineration. She has a knack for conveying complex information with clarity and passion - look to be inspired.

Rising Up! Started in 2016 by a group who felt that what activist groups are doing is great but that something different is needed, Rising Up is based on researching the successes and failures of social movements around the world, to come up with ideas of what a group in the UK might do to build towards systems change.

Theatre of the Oppressed with Reboot the Roots. “Theatre is the Art of Looking at Ourselves" - Augusto Boal. Theatre of the Oppressed is a range of techniques, games and exercises, developed to support the empowerment and liberation of individuals and their communities. It is a way of analysing the power dynamics of our society and our personal relationships, based on the belief that personal problems are social problems. In this workshop, we will explore empowering change through dialogue. Using the games and exercises we will introduce theatre as a tool for exploring external and internal oppressions.

Reclaim the Power Is a UK based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice.

The Work that Reconnects With Rowan Tilly. Each workshop will respond to our tendencies to turn away from the overwhelming crisis of our world, supporting us in reconnecting with our hearts, experiencing our radical interconnectedness and inspiring us to take action.

Creative Tools for Social Change With Lex Titterington, creative facilitator, movement and visual artist, permaculture designer and yoga teacher. “My work is based on connection and interconnection of self, community and the earth. Being deeply passionate about inclusivity and diversity, my practice promotes regeneration and connection with an aim to support all lives to truly grow with vitality and vigour.”

Klaudia Van Gool social permaculture and nature connection

Nature Awareness Daniel Thompson-Mills has been living at Steward Wood on the edge of Dartmoor as part of the low impact eco-community there for 18 years.

Regenerative Activism Being an activist, or being involved in social or ecological change, is very often going against the stream. Activists often feel that there is always more to be done than what they can do. People who are heavily invested in trying to affect social or ecological change often deal with different kinds of problems. How to deal with all this without going mad? This workshop will look at some common issues such as ´mental´ health (burn-out, depression,...), organisational culture and other resilient ways of dealing with this.

Buddhists Against Fracking Presents "Off the mat into direct action." Tim Williams talks about why it is now so important that Buddhists and conscious people get involved in the protection of the land and the future. Having spent a year on the front line fighting fracking in several different camps, he explains what it might look like and how it's done offering a practical way to step up off the mat into direct action.

Dancing with the Lords and Ladies of Death With Jeremy Thres. Rites of passage are the Ancient’s way to bring consciousness to change, to the dying to one stage of life, so one can be born to another. There are stages to this which makes it a more conscious deliberate process. Through story and symbol, this talk will elucidate these themes, leading through to conversation and reflection.
Plus...Council on the theme of Rites of Passage and Living and Dying Through the tool of Council we will reflect on experiences of rites of passage and initiation in our own lives, what has worked, what has been missing, what did or do we long for in our lives…

Death Awareness Space Workshops around the theme of death - of individuals and species. Opportunities to share your story and be heard; participate in ritual storytelling; plus sessions on spiritual and practical care for those dying.

Grief Tending Together With High Heathercombe “There is suffering” is the first Noble Truth. In the modern world we are often taught to turn away from our suffering – to suppress, distract from, medicate, numb, soothe or get rid of it. But feeling and expressing our vulnerability is one of the most powerful ways for people to come together and create connection and support. As we witness others in their grief, and express our own, we can experience a sense of interconnection – that we all feel pain and sorrow, long for justice, experience fear and sometimes get overwhelmed.

Wetheuncivilised Lodge - Solar powered Ecological Cinema and Learning Hub. Join us in co-creating a culture of connection and belonging, as we explore the possibilities and challenges of meeting these times of ecological and social crisis through activism in its many forms. Come to connect and explore ideas through a wealth of talks, discussions, and workshops, to inspire, inform and ultimately, empower us to make a stand.

Mindful Communication With Jayaraja How empathy, connection, compassion and mindfulness can transform our relationship with ourselves and others.

An Introduction to Direct Action With Rob Basto. Civil disobedience or direct action can be an effective tool for peacefully achieving positive change. This workshop looks at what’s been achieved and the potential for using direct action. It also covers the practicalities such as tactics, planning, legal consequences, support plus resources for taking things further.

How to Build a Values-Based Business Explore how to design a purposeful business around yourl values, in a series of easy steps. Ellen and Tom will offer top tips and guidance in bite-sized chunks on business basics from identifying your customers, building meaningful relationships, legal essentials and finance. Learn how to stay motivated by focussing on your vision, playing to your unique strengths and action planning.

Solidarity Activism in Palestine, (and from outside) This workshop will be in three parts. What's happening in Palestine - from solidarity activists who have just returned from the West Bank. Explore how to join the activities of the International Solidarity Movement and other groups opposing the occupation on the ground in Palestine. And how we can take action from outside Palestine, in line with the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid including the ongoing international campaign against Israeli arms company Elbit.

A Celtic Pilgrimage (Reflections and advice on wild camping and walking Home) I get a deep wellbeing from the simplicity, space and connectedness that I experience through walking and wild camping. I want to share what it means to me to be a pilgrim in this world, and empower others who may want to experiment with living in this way.

Moving Conflicts With Ben Yeger, has been engaged in a deep personal enquiry into conflict and its root causes for many years. He has lived with an inner conflict since a very early age and in the early 80s he served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Army, during the first Lebanon war. In 2007 Ben joined Combatants for Peace, a movement of ex fighters, Israeli and Palestinian. Working together, non-violently to try and bring about change to the complex reality in Israel/Palestine. He is now the UK representative of CfP and responsible for nurturing the inner process of activists on both sides.

Mindful Communication With Jayaraja. A live exploration of how to communicate from the heart. Drawing on the wisdom of the Buddha, Marshall Rosenberg, (Nonviolent Communication) Dan Siegel, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Gestalt psychotherapy.

How to get the Best from Volunteers and Colleagues How to use the Collective Wisdom to get a Project Done in the Most Efficient Way with Erwin Tielemans. In this workshop participants learn to use the decision circle to get the best out of the knowledge of a group of people.

How to Deal with power in Non-Profit Projects? With Erwin Tielemans. Reflection on how to use the immanent energies when working for a mission. This workshop is based on NVC and the Spiral Dynamics of Benson. Reflect how you can get more out of teams using your power as a leader.

Building a Society to Shape the Future With Rob Basto. Throughout history there has been conflict between good and bad. Can we break the cycle and build a just and caring society that is stable and enduring? This looks at possibilities for creating the foundations of this, bringing together the components of individual strength, community, and action. Rob Basto is a scientist and activist campaigning on issues such as climate change and fracking. is a write up done from an interview a few years ago. The Independent: Campaigners warn British legal system's long-standing tolerance towards non-violent action is under threat.

Community Living Q & A - When Community Breaks Down What can go wrong and how to deal with it. A discussion space to ask questions and share ideas, with members of seasoned community dwellers offering their experiences.

Gender Conversations A discussion space to explore the relevance of gender to Buddhist practice and some of the tensions and opportunities relating to gender within our spiritual communities. Tessa Horvath is a gender equality researcher and campaigner based in London and is a mitra in Triratna. Kamalanandi is a furniture maker and a single parent. He has been a Buddhist for 20 years and co-founded Triratna Gender Diverse Buddhists, an online and sometimes realtime spiritual community for Buddhists whose gender is either fully or partly different to what they were assigned at birth.

Exploring Self Connection with Rik Midgley. Cultivate awareness of what is alive in the body with curiosity and open acceptance using both movement and empathy. Learn how the body uses a language of sensations and feelings to express how its life may be enriched. Enhance sense of presence and energetic congruence between heart and mind, allowing well being and self-esteem grow.

Fool Expression With Christie Animas. Is there a part in you that longs to play? Do you long to open and discover more of the diversity of who you are? Would you like to be on stageand create with whatever is in you? Welcome to an Introduction to Fool Expression! This work has allowed me to open and to unfold in such playful, meaningful and touching ways and I am keen to share it with you. This work is part of Franki Anderson lineage.

Hedgespoken is a travelling off-grid storytelling theatre run from a 1966 Bedford RL lorry, converted to be a home and a go-anywhere stage.

Dora Darling Folksinger and songwriter of the Earthy and the Magical; Traditional Original Music

Re-Wilding the Voice An Introduction to Vocal Improvisation with Briony Greenhill. Vocal improvisation is an approach to singing that involves standing in presence, being in emptiness, listening, and then allowing the music that comes through to have access to your voice. It's a deep journey, involving a lot of acceptance, listening, and cultivating curiosity and compassion for what is. Briony teaches vocal improvisation internationally.

Dance of Life and Death With Andy Raingold Explore your journey to the present moment in an evolutionary dance that will take you through the 4.6 billion year history of life on our planet to the present day in 46 minutes. Each minute represents 100 million years, with humanity the final 0.12 seconds. This cosmic experience will connect you to the wisdom of your heart, the joy of full expression and the awareness of everything that makes you who you are – from stardust to primordial bacteria.

Charcoal Making and Biochar With Tim Potter. Looking at burying charcoal for carbon capture and increased soil fertility.

Shakti Dance With Christie Animas. A free form of dance movement. Shakti represents the feminine life energy which moves through the universe giving birth to nature, power, movement, flow and change. For many generations, this natural force has been pushed down, judged and feared. This particular Shakti Dance (there are several different variations) comes from the work of Jewels Wingfield, based on the energy of the spiral and rooted in earth-based connection (it is not Yoga). It is a practice to support women to (re)discover a deeper sense of their feminine principle that is rooted in earth-based connection.

Healing Through Movement Embodying What We Can When we move, when we dance, we can transform most things. The opportunity to explore our relationship to conflict through Movement is a unique one and enables us to go deeply into the stories that our bodies hold.  Through the use of the myriad maps that Movement Medicine offers we can transform these stories from blocks to relationship into opportunities for change. The dance offers a safe and expansive container to dive deep, to be brave enough to take responsibilty and dare to change.

Connection Qigong With Rik Midgley. Explore the mind-body interaction from the body's perspective of tangible sensations. Use awareness of movement to calm the mind, breaking both the habitual nature of the mind's influence and the body’s habitual or traumatic responses. Cultivate a sense of non-reactivity from which the possibility of free choice is enhanced.

Body Moves Ecstatic Awakening Dance is an active meditation. An opportunity to move, let go, embrace and step into your own uniqueness. Using the Ecstatic Awakening Dance method we will move through four stages: Warm Up, Shake, Ecstatic Dance, Relaxation & Grounding. Each stage invites us to move from the thinking mind and explore the expression & freedom of the body We use music, movement & breath to support transformation and open to our full potential.

Yoga I-D With Lucy Barber. Yoga I-D works from the principles of Hatha Yoga, intelligently sequencing Asana (postures), Pranayama (Breathing Practices) and Relaxation, that connects the physical body and the mind. A yoga I-D aims to help individuals find a Living Connection with Yoga that reconnects their inner self and rhythyms of their own life, to enhance wellbeing. Lucy is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher, practicing for over 17 years.

Singing with Helen Yeomans Helen Yeomans is one of the country's best-loved choir leaders and songwriters. Her heart-lifting songs are sung all over the UK and abroad and she will bring some of her favourites to Buddhafield this year along with a variety of unforgettable songs from around the world, gospel and sacred chants. Expect to be moved!

The Green Wood Grove The Green Wood Grove is a place where all regardless of age can experience the joy of creating something out of green wood - that could be anything from a butter knife to a small stool. Only the imagination sets the limit!

Oak Clan Forge Journey back to the iron-age with Blacksmith Simon Summers. Hand crafts your own tools and pendants and use the technique of ‘repousse’ to create Celtic copper bangles and sacred offerings.

Spin & Weave Drop In Learn to spin yarn and weave with it to create your own beautiful and colourful items with Kinder Yarn.

Meadow Forge Blacksmith and basketry.

Knot Tying for kids and adults.

Earth Loom Weaving.

For the little ones…

Our Forest School leader has written a letter for parents wanting to apply for absence during term time. Download and print this document to accompany a personal letter to your child's teacher.

Wildings Play offers children the opportunity to create their own space. With forest school leaders, artists and child’s yoga teacher on hand to facilitate workshops and activities, children are able to fully participate in developing their space. Qualified leaders will support developing skills in firelighting, tool use and campfire cooking.


  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Crafts
  • Healing Area
  • Rupa’s Realm – wood-fired hot showers and sauna
  • Buddhafield Cafe
  • The Outer Regions Cafe