Workshops: Communication and Intimacy

Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

Three young people holding hands in conversation

Taking time to communicate | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following workshops at the last Festival.

Jewels Wingfield
Jewels has been referred to as a womb wisdom keeper, a wild force of nature, an Eco feminist, a Celtic shamanka, a spiritual activist and a leading light in Sacred women’s work and conscious relationship. She has over 20 years of experience is known for its earthy shamanic approach to humanities evolution. She will be offering workshops for couples, women, and everyone, as well as her always popular Ecstatic Dance.

  • Rewilding womban: WOMEN. Reconnection with your natural authentic wild nature.
  • Sacred heart ceremony: COUPLES. A ceremony for couples to connect deeper into the heart realm of love.
  • Love-in-presence: EVERYONE. A space for everyone to come and meet in the sacred ground of love.
  • Sacred womb teachings: WOMEN. Ancient blood mystery teachings — Wombdala.

Mindful communication
With Jayaraja. Mindful Communication is a model of communication drawing on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Dan Siegel and Iain McGilchrist.

Mindful communication
With Erwin Tielemans. I enjoy creating a learning environment where people discover the beauty of life. The activities themselves inspire people to act, to change, to stop... I use a combination of energizers and games with questions that trigger life serving ideas.

Skilful flirting
Lilamani and Jayaraja have been sharing their Skilful Flirting workshop for over ten years at the Buddhafield festival.

With Caroline Lee-SmithThis workshop will allow you to sense what is happening underneath the everyday “babble” Working in pairs you will help each other explore underlying sensations and ‘felt senses’ on the edge of your consciousness.

Conscious Speed Dating for Everyone
With Rupert. Looking for love, fun, friendship, flirtation, a sense of tribe, a soulmate, or all of the above?  Come along!  All orientations and genders welcome.

In and Out of Contact
With Leeof Embodied Presence. At the centre of most communication is a desire for contact and connection. Using simple instruction which draws from Contact Improvisation this workshop is open to anyone who loves to dance in community.

Mindful Communication
With Erwin Tielemans
I create a learning environment where people discover the beauty of life. I use a combination of energizers and games with questions that trigger life serving ideas.

The Art of Successful Relating
With Anthony Johnston. The workshops I offer are a call for inner change and personal empowerment through authentic communication. I love holding these spaces that welcome the healing power of truth to outshine the veils of fear and separation that hold us back from truly living.

How To Say “I love you”
With Shantigharba. The aim of the workshop is to create a quality of compassionate connection that leads to everyone's needs being met.

Conscious Sexuality
With Kevin Moore. Looking at intimacy in the fullest sense, consent and creative communications. The aim would be to encourage participants to contextualize their sexuality in the wider context of their lives and make better decisions.

With Rik.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? Thanks for your interest, but places for workshop leaders are now full.