Volunteering and Contributing to the Festival

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What are you up to next July? Do you want to be part of something rewarding and watch your efforts bloom into the enjoyment of thousands of people? Have you been to Buddhafield Festival before and want to get involved? Are you keen to spend time outdoors and have a hand in creating one of Britain’s greenest, most intimate and much celebrated festivals?

I love the sacred atmosphere and people only off their heads on yoga and dharma talks!

We will be looking to put together an set of effective teams, working in a spirit of friendship to put in place everything necessary to make the Buddhafield Festival happen.

Volunteering at a festie is often a wonderful way to enjoy it: for many people it’s the main pleasure in going to them at all. Many people come to Buddhafield in particular for the team spirit.

Alcohol, Drugs and Contributing

The Festival aims to be alcohol and drug free. We believe it’s one of the things that makes the atmosphere at our festival special. A great many people come to Buddhafield because that’s our stated aim. It’s a value we actively want to promote.

This applies to the crew at least as much as ticket holders: crew (many of whom are on site for several weeks during set-up) help set the tone of the event. If the build up of the site is fuelled by booze and dope, it trickles into the overall vibe and later arrivals can — and do — pick up on it.

People tell us that they didn't know they could enjoy a festie without their drug of choice, so if this would be a new way of experiencing a festie, then why not give it a try! Whatever your views on drugs, though, please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us, then we’d like this value to be respected.

Join a Team

You’re signing up to be part of a team. That’s an important part of the way our festival operates so please sign up for something you can participate in fully.

There’s no overall Buddhafield volunteer coordinator so if you know someone who wants to volunteer at the Festival, the best way for them to make contact with us is to start here, on this webpage.

Below are two lists of the areas within which we’re looking for volunteers and contributors.

Infrastructure Teams

We will be recruiting for all of the following crews on or after New Year. Links to further information and contacts will become available from then on.

  • Buddhafield Café
  • Padma Pancakes
  • Recycling Team
  • Site Crew
  • Site Decor
  • Steward Crew
  • Toilet Wizards


Unless otherwise stated, we will be booking the following people on or after New Year. Links to further information and contacts will become available from then on.

  • Bands
  • Healing Garden applications are welcome from Tuesday 1 April 2014 onwards
  • Yoga
  • Stalls and traders
  • Workshops enquiries are taken from Saturday 1 March 2014 onwards