Trader Application

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

A display of beaded knecklaces.

You want to but the precious things? | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

How to Apply to be a Festival Trader

Welcome to the Festival Traders page: all about proposals for stalls, caterering and fly-pitches.

This page is only for people who are proposing a commercial trade of goods and services at the Festival. If you’d consider yourself a not-for-profit or “campaign” stall, please apply through the Workshop Leaders page.

Buddhafield has a unique atmosphere, partly because we’re a fairly small festival (approx. 2000 ticket sales expected and licensed for 3000 on site), so the number of trading outlets is limited. We prefer traders who already have some connection with the Festival or Buddhism. Successful traders from the previous year are given priority, but we are always looking to talk to new people, especially if they have a strong ethical approach e.g. fair trade, recycled/upcycled goods.

We receive far more applications from caterers than we can accommodate.

Buddhafield is a vegetarian/vegan/organic (where possible) event, so proposals need to operate within those parameters. Only people who have booked at least a month in advance will be allowed to trade food, and we are obliged to perform thorough H&S checks. Please ensure that you are registered with your local authority and have at least taken a basic food handlers’ course.

Your Pitch

There is no mains electric power on site, and we don’t provide a supply from our contractors’ rigs. All traders need to arrange their own power and lighting using a solar/wind charged rig. If you need to use LPG please ensure you have a Gas Safe Certificate for your installation.

We’d like to see a reduction in the amount of animal hide goods for sale: so please no sheepskins, leather clothes, bags, belts and so on.

We actively promote the Festival as offering a drink and drug free space. We believe that this is one of the things that makes our Festival special and we know that many ticket holders come because this is their expectation. Regardless of your personal views on this topic, we expect there to be no alcohol available (and obviously no drugs).

Please, no dogs: we’ll ask for them to be taken off site.

Your Pitch Fee

The charge for a static pitch is based on:

  • a stall fee to be negitiated, plus
  • the usual ticket price for each member of your staff, plus
  • the usual ticket price for vehicles, plus
  • a donation at the end of the event based on how successful your stall has been.

We expect payment of stall fees and staff tickets to be received by mid June.


We don’t expect fly-pitchers to have booked in advance: we assume they will have bought their own ticket in advance. As with static pitches, we’d like to encourage hand-crafted, recycled or upcycled goods and minimal use of animal hide (no sheepskins, please). The Traders Co-ordinator will have a chat with you on site and negotiate a donation at the end of the event. If you’ve got any questions, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply

We’re presently compiling list of stalls and we’ll be sending out invite to trade/forms during early May. In the meantime, can you let us have a few details:

  1. Have you been to the festival before? What attracts you to the event? What do you think you will add to Buddhafield?
  2. How many people (including kids) will you expect to bring with you?
  3. What size space will you bring? Please give approx dimensions so we can start planning site layout.
  4. How many and what size vehicles will you bring?

Applications will close on Sunday 1st April 2018. All stall enquires received will be considered on their merits with final invitation going out mid May. We expect payment of stall fees and staff tickets to be received by mid June. Please contact the Traders Co-ordinator.