Kids Area, Workshops for Teens and Families

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A young girl in a climbing net

We caught a live one! | Image © Radka Bailey 2013

The Kids Area

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Activities offered include arts and crafts; trampolines; swingboats; music; clowning; games; dressing up; processions; storytelling; creating plays from stories — mostly Buddhist ones — participation in the big Festival rituals. We also create a fun, safe space for parents and toddlers. In 2003 we introduced meditation games and meditative “story journeys” and want to continue to explore what a kids area at a Buddhist Festival can offer. We also have a separate “Be-Tween Ages Space” for older children and teenagers, offering DJing, circus skills, art, acrobatics and discussions.

The Kids Area is run by the award winning Majical Youth Theatre Company.

Workshops for Families

Doula’s Birth Tips, Ecstatic Birth and Do you Doula?
Roma's a mum and a doula with a passion about love hormones and how they make birth more enjoyable.

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids, Setting Limits with Children, Helping Siblings Get Along
Roma Norriss offers solutions to your parenting challenges from the Hand in Hand Parenting approach.


Touch for Teens
With Laurie Pyne. The workshop will be designed to give an experience of various forms of connection, with the focus being on who we are and what comes up for us as we, say, walk around to music-making eye contact, shaking hands, turning a partner in an arm-in-arm dancey way. Depending on who’s present, and how they’re all feeling, we may move to hand-dancing (lying down side-by-side, connecting hearts, moving the hands to music, hair-stroking, touching each other’s faces blindfold, gentle foot or shoulder massage and holding somebody safely in one’s arms, like friend’s or lovers do…Laurie has an enhanced DBS and years of experience working with teenagers and young people.

Mindful Communication for Teenagers
With Erwin Tielemans. Learn to communicate with your parents in a way that stops feeling pushed and pulled by them to where I don't want to be. A mixture of games and reflection.

Creative Writing for Teenagers
With Rachel Ingrams.