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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A woman and a man decanting a large pan of food.

Serving lunch | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

On this page you can find out about what the Buddhafield Café Teams do, what we need you to be able to commit to and how to volunteer.

I love wandering about barefoot, meeting random amazing people, the vision that this is how life could be lived, all the time.

If you like food or want to learn more about vegan wholefood cooking, or cooking on a large scale, or just to see how it’s done; if you want to try working in a different way, a way that is inclusive and encouraging and striving for equality and individuality within a strong, supportive team; get some experience working with other Buddhists and positive ethically minded people; help support every other person who is working to put on the wonderful Buddhafield Festival by providing delicious food made with love! Come and offer your creativity, your love and your service and get back some fun times, new friends and a free ticket... and as much delicious organic food as you can eat!

Set-up Cooks

Help provide two cooked meals a day (lunch and dinner) for the crew setting up (i.e. before) the festival. You’ll be veg prepping and assisting the cook(s) and don’t work during the Festival. Recruitment for this team isn’t open yet.

Buddhafield Café

One six hour shift per day during the Festival. For an overview of shift patterns in the Café, have a look at the volunteering with the Buddhafield Café page in the Café section of this website. Recruitment for this team isn’t open yet.

Crew Food

The crew food tent feeds all the volunteers in the days before and after the festival and also during. That’s up to 650 people a meal during the festival! It’s right next to the buddhafield cafe, in fact they share washing up areas so there are plenty of people around to get to know. There are two teams, which split down into smaller teams to feed everyone. One team comes 2 weeks before hand and stays on afterwards and they feed the set up and tat down crew. It’s a lovely job, it’s hard work for sure but you get to be onsite for a month and really get to become part of the buddhafield festival community. This team gets the festival off (with free entrance) and all of their food, snacks and drinks for the whole time they’re on site (it’s all organic!). They work 6-8 hours a day, to cover prepping, cooking and washing up the pans for all 3 meals. It’s self organising - each day in the morning meeting jobs will be given out and people will always have part of the day off. Full days off are also able to be organised if needed. It’s all very flexible and responsive to the teams and the putting on of the festival’s needs.

The other team arrive the day before the festival, and are a bit more regimented. They are split into three main rotating shifts which cover the morning, afternoon and evenings prep and cooking, a serving team who do a split shift, and a breakfast shift. To be on this team you have to commit to being there for all 5 shifts during the festival, it’s quite a busy environment and thus has to be highly organised. Its less relaxed than the set up and tat down, but has its own beauty and space for connection and having a fun time. There’s usually a lot of singing! This team get free entrance to the festival and all their food and drinks (from eth crew food area) while onsite.

Recruitment for this team isn’t open yet.

A Word about Alcohol and Drugs

Please have a think about our view on drink and drugs.

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying! And if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?! However please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us, then we’d like this policy to be respected.

Join a Team: Buddhafield Café Recruiting Soon

Recruitment will be opening shortly: email links will appear here.

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For an overview of Festival volunteering visit the main volunteering page.