Sacred Landscape Yatra

A column of people walking across a field

Mindful walking | Image © Lokabandhu 2011

A Yatra is a Buddhist-inspired walking retreat, a mindful celebration of our land and its ancient energies. During the day we will walk in silence and in single file, allowing space for a deeper awareness and harmony to arise with our walking companions, the ancient landscape and our own thoughts and feelings. Along the way there will be plenty of pauses (when we can talk) and in the mornings and evenings there will be meditations, talks, discussions and rituals as well as the basic business of cooking food and making camp. A vehicle will transport personal kit, and kit for the kitchen and shrine.

Sacred Landscape Yatra Booking Form
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DatesSaturday 22 April—Friday 28 April 2017
SuitabilityOpen to all Adults
VenueFeniton (Near Honiton) to Glastonbury
Led byLokabandhu and Jayaraja
Donation Guidelines£205/£155/£100
BookingThis Retreat is currently full.