Camping Retreat Programme 2017

A woman wearing a woolly hat sat contemplating in tall grass. Trees surround the field; tents in the distance.

Contemplation in tall grass | Image © Padmapani 2009

We’re delighted to let you know that this is the 2017 retreats programme.

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Spring Team Retreat ()
Sacred Landscape Yatra ()
Total Immersion ()
Women’s Retreat:
A Deeper Joy
Dates ()
SuitabilityAdult Women
VenueEasterbrook near Hittesleigh, Mid Devon.
Led byAmbaravajri and Dayajoti

The Buddha encouraged the profound pleasure of absorption in meditation. Yet often our fixed ideas of who we are, or what spiritual practice should look like, can block us from pleasure, joy and contentment. On this retreat we'll explore enjoyment as part of the Buddhist path, particularly through meditation, singing, and simple contact with nature on this beautiful site in Devon. With yoga and some days of silence.

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