Buddhafield Vision Statement

Buddhafield Festival 2019 | Information coming soon!

A view along a wooden-slatted track towards several types of tent.

The boardwalk at Broadhemnbury | Image © Satyadarshin 2011

Buddhafield is a community of men and women dedicated to following the Buddha’s spiritual path. We are part of the wider community of the Triratna Buddhist Community which is itself part of the wider Buddhist tradition.

We are drawn to nature as the primary context for our life and practice — to the beauty of the natural world, to the living experience of interconnectedness it gives us, to the ancient sacred sites and landscapes around us. Therefore we wish to create sanctuaries and shrines, for our own and others’ benefit; to live simply and to live lightly on the land, using appropriate technology and exemplifying best practice in all that we do.

Living in community, we aspire to include all of ourselves — to integrate work, play, practice, and our economic needs; to be receptive to our own and others’ experience, to communicate in truth and harmony, and to live as a Sangha, building a Buddhaland for the benefit of ourselves and all beings.

Because we believe in the universal value of the Dharma, and in our urgent need for a more harmonious relationship with nature, we wish to welcome others into our community and to actively go out to them, teaching the Dharma and sharing our inspiration, experience, and value.