About this Website

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Screen grab of the Eclipse application.

Eclipse IDE | Image © Satyadarshin 2011

This version of our website was was designed and programmed in PHP (using the Eclipse IDE) by Satyadarshin. We’re not at home to Mr Cock-Up, so Ratnarashi sorts out the little programmatic knots Satyadarshin ties himself up in. The site was copy-edited by various Buddhafield folk, but the council of Triratna Buddhafield is the author for copyright purposes.

Satyadarshin would like to thank Planet Rock for providing the incidental music and Apple for the shiny, shiny things. www.buddhafield.com was bought to you by the letter T (splash of soya milk, 1 1/2 sugars) and the colour antique pine. The caffeine consumed during the development of this website is fairly traded and organic; the tea bags are composted and the tetrapaks recycled.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Buddhafield would like to thank Sanghaloka for his longstanding involvement with www.buddhafield.com.

We would also like to thank everyone that donated their photographs for use in both this website and our printed publicity.