Workshops: Music, Sound and Singing

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Women participating in a singing workshop.

Soulful Singing | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following worskhops so far this year.

Soulful Singing
With Mahasukha. African Sacred Uplifting Joyful Magic! En masse harmony singing.

With Helen Yeomans. Helen Yeomans is one of the country's best-loved choir leaders and songwriters. Her heart-lifting songs are sung all over the UK and abroad and she will bring some of her favourites to Buddhafield this year along with a variety of unforgettable songs from around the world, gospel and sacred chants. Expect to be moved!

The Beauty of Mantra Ritual
With Mahasukha. Mantra is 'sacred sound'. It can be both a devotional practice and a form of meditation. Mantra has the power to take you out of your head and into your heart and body, to bring peace and calm, to uplift, heal and transform, to bring joy and bliss. Learn and sing beautiful mantras together.

Vocal Improvisation Workshops
With Briony Greenhill. Vocal Improvisation is a practice of giving voice to the present. It's deep, sensitizing, touches the heart; it's vulnerable, beautiful, it re-wilds the voice. We collaborate, listen to one another, make music together, emergently, in a deep state of presence and listening. It can be otherworldy, deeply connective. This is for performers, singers, healers, rappers, beatboxers, voice leaders. Vocal Improvisation is an epic, edge-walking artform, perhaps the highest challenge for vocalists. Bring your bold voices together in this deep practice of listening, being constantly in the un-known, and opening to deep beauty and richness there.

Wild Singing – Free Your Authentic Voice
With Tallulah Rendall. Starting with Qi Gong exercises and warming our voices through toning and then mantra with simple harmonies, we then move into song, building up in harmonic complexity and playfulness until the energy has risen to the point where we move into group improvisation. The workshops are deeply heartfelt and offer an opportunity to transform held tensions and emotions within the body through grounding, heart opening practises.

Drumming and Tibetan Singing Bowl workshops
With Alan Drwm and Jo Hughes. Drumming for both entertainment and therapy as a healing tool for ritual and shamanic work. Demonstration and hands on experience. Also tibetan bowls, their western history and hands on experience of Bowl Baths and Bowl healing.

Ceilidh Scratch Band
With Malle Payne – and everyone! A workshop for all musicians who would like to join a ceilidh scratchband. These musicians will form a core group who will play outside and invite any and all people to join as musicians, singers, dancers, creating an opportunity for connecting people through music. Come and take part, whatever your experience.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? The Workshops Co-ordinator starts taking proposals from January 1 2018 until March 1 2018.