Workshops: Movement and Dance

Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

Two women dancing in a workshop.

Getting ecstatic | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following workshops at the last Festival.

Ecstatic Dance
With Jewels Wingfield. Jewels has been referred to as a womb wisdom keeper, a wild force of nature, an Eco feminist, a Celtic shamanka, a spiritual activist and a leading light in Sacred women’s work and conscious relationship.

With Francis. An opportunity to surrender to the unique ecstatic dancer that lives in YOU! Francis teaches how he would like to be taught: with sensitivity, integrity and passion.

With Jayagita. Danceitation breaks the conscious clubbing status quo, bringing dance and meditation together in an explosive mind-body-rave experience.

Contact improvisation
With Zoe Solomons.

Salsa Dancing
With Carlo. It is a brilliant way of dancing, exercising and getting intimate with a whole group in encounter. You won't be disappointed!

Wild Grace; 5 Rhythms in the woods
with Tess Howell. Wild Grace uses “silent disco” headsets for a 5 Rhythms classes out in the woods — letting us dance together amidst the beauty with no noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

Your Secret Psoas!
With Laurie Pyne. A gentle yet investigative workshop aimed at discovering where the psoas muscles are, and what they do for you. Mixing explanation with practice. movement, exploration, solo & with each other.  We’ll work on releasing your lower back, hips, legs and hara.

Dynamic knee alignment
With Zoe Solomons. Focus on the evolutionary and functional aspects of dynamic alignment. Exploring anatomical models and participants own bodies to inform movement practice. With a very practical and sensory take on efficiency and injury prevention. This will be applied through movement studies in response to participants present as these universal principles are applicable to walking, yoga, dance, martial arts etc.

Trail run
With Matthew Adams. A guided run through the woods just next to the site. 5km. One morning could be a regular run, and another morning a mindful run with instructions and invitations along the way to be more present with ourselves, with movement, with nature.

Breath work for life
With Matthew Adams. A simple breathing practice that can be done in the morning to clear and energise the body. 

Barefoot Running technique
With Matthew Adams. Bring mindfullness into movement with barefoot running. By taking off our shoes we tune into a feedback system that has evolved over millions of years. This workshop is for everyone from seasoned runners to those who are just starting.

Thai Massage workshops
With Emma Cayless. Playful and dynamic workshops offering an overview of the sacred, deeply therapeutic art of Thai Massage combined with harmonic healing sound.

Somatic Experiencing
With Veronique Janssen. Start the day with a refreshing experience of somatic movement to bring about a reunion of brain and heart. This workshop aims for oneness between body, mind and spirit.

With Rik. Natural movements, many of which are derived from Classical Yang Style taichi, use the co-ordination of mental awareness and physical movement to reveal the body's influence upon the mind.  This year on Frinday and Sunday I will offer a couple of 'intermediate' classes to honour the folk returning over the years. These classes would develop faster and go into more details with the intention to grow a deeper understanding of what creates the movement 'Wave Hands like Clouds'.  Curious beginners who have attended at least one of my regular sessions would be welcome if they are prepared to 'wing it' a bit so that the others are not held back.

Partner Yoga
With Lioba. A playful, creative and nourishing experience of yoga in pairs interspersed with deliciously relaxing Thai Yoga massage.

Handstand Class.
A fun class for people who wish to increase their upper body strength & stability and develop a balanced handstand. We will incorporate a variety of partner exercises and spotting. Extremely addictive! Suitable for beginners, yoga and fitness people alike.

Being Here: An Intimate Journey in Your Body (for women)
With Lee. This is a journey into our fluid body, juicy and alive. Using the Embodied Presence approach to experience your living body, through movement, anatomy and enquiry.

How to not frown
With Bruce Lankford. This workshop explores why and how we frown (and get red eyes or a blocked-sinus feeling).  We will use some visualisation, body movement and eye-awareness to relax the forehead and widen our vision.

Daily breathwork for life practice intro to Wim Hof method
With Matthew Adams. A simple breathing practice that can be done in the morning to clear and energise the body. 

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? Thanks for your interest, but places for workshop leaders are now full.