Workshops: Movement and Dance

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Two women dancing in a workshop.

Getting ecstatic | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following worskhops so far this year.


‘Gratitude For Life’ Dance Ceremony
With Jewels Wingfield and live drummers. As many of you know last year was Jewels final ecstatic dance. Every year for 20 years she has got our feet dancing and opened our hearts. She is now birthing something new which is more in alignment with her current work. It will be a dance event with live musicians, drummers and percussion and the focus is a ceremony of gratitude for all of life, it’s called ‘for all our relations’

5 Rhythms
With Francis Michael Eliot. A 5Rhythms movement meditation session, facilitating people into an ecstatic embodied non-dual experience of the living, breathing dance. We will dance alone, with partners and as a group, practicing our ability to remain embodied through all that occurs when we are in these three different levels of relationship.

Contact Improvisation
With Embodied Presence; Lee Bolton and Jamus Wood. A unique flavour of contact improvisation, accentuating qualities of space and presence whilst opening the senses to touch and our perceptions. Dances can include anything from the intimate and subtle to the wild and acrobatic. The work is about embodiment and play, arriving into a felt sense of the body, here and now. In many ways this dance is like an embodied meditation practice not unlike learning a martial art, but unlike a martial art, instead of fighting, we dance together.

Shamanic Trance Dance
With Zelia Pye. An expansive deep inner visionary journey of transformation and revelation, with eyes covered we raise our vibration and dance with The Great Mystery! Zelia is a qualified shamanic trance dance teacher, shamanic guide and healer, with over 15 years experience holding workshops and retreats.

Earth Dances
With Denise Rowe. Embodied movement into West African Dance. Earth Dances is an invitation to embrace our fullness in movement, stillness, celebration and rest. The workshops will include non-stylised movement to arrive in and explore our ever-changing moving bodies, traditional pan-African dance and song. Earth Dances arises from a fertile meeting ground between traditional and neo-traditional pan-African dance and non-stylised and environmental movement, drawing also on threads from Shiatsu, Aikido and Shamanic traditions.

Dance of Life and Death
With Andy Raingold. Explore your journey to the present moment in an evolutionary dance that will take you through the 4.6 billion year history of life on our planet - honouring both the creative expression of life and the death of all those who have come before. This cosmic experience combines conscious movement, sensory awareness, visualisation and shamanic journeying that will connect you to the wisdom of your heart, the joy of full expression and the awareness of everything that makes you who you are – from stardust to primordial bacteria.

With Angela Miller-Smith and Pavani Lovegood Biodanza (The Dance Of Life) is an amazing transformational dance based system reawakening our individual potential. There are no steps to learn and all are welcome. It is an invitation to the joy of living, the pleasure of movement and the rediscovery of our embodied selves. Dances of Tribal Connection, and Deep Dive Into The True Intimacy With Life. Pavani and Angie have been teaching Biodanza (The Dance Of Life) as a team for over 4 years. We teach regular classes and are well experienced running workshops and are fully qualified by the International Biodanza Federation.

Wild Grace - Woodland 5Rhythms
With Tess Howell. 5Rhythms dance is a type of movement-based mindfulness practice. It’s a great way to enjoy ourselves, to exercise and to meditate- all in the same moment! We use "silent disco" style headsets to dance outside in natural beauty. The dance sessions are gently guided through the headsets, letting us find the freedom of moving together in areas of wild nature. Facilitated by fully accredited 5 Rhythms teacher Tess Howell. For details of how to sign up, visit info point.

Contact Improvisation
With Richard Parker and David Basak. A deeply intimate dance practice - find yourself in movement and communicate your dance through physical contact – flowing endlessly together. Workshops and jams.

Rising-Dancing Tantra
With Akhilanda Ananda. An ecstatic dance practise, moving from deep rooted connection with the earth to expansive, ecstatic, cosmic union at the pinnacle of the dance; working with the polarity of each energy centre in turn within a seamless wave of perfectly orchestrated music and insightful, heart-centred holding.

Authentic Movement - Let Your Body Be Your Guide
With Caroline Galon. Authentic movement is a practise focused on allowing the mover to truly connect with themselves and others through expressive explorative movement. We work hard to free ourselves from any exteranl expectations of shape and form. Caroline is a qualified dance movement psychotherapist and educator, teaching in different settings from higher education to mental health training programmes. “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Mary Oliver

Bollywood Dance
With Ramesh Babar. Bollywood dancing is great fun, a great workout and a great way to relieve stress! If you are looking to escape from reality into the dream world of Bollywood and learn to dance like the movie stars, then this workshop is for you. You will have a scream with your friends at the Bollywood dance workshop!


The Psoas – Moving and Falling
With Laurel Pyne. We’ll learn about our deep psoas muscles, and then move with them - gliding, bending, falling, rolling. Freeing ourselves from tension together and solo. Discover your psoas muscles and what they can do for your breath, your daily life and your movement practice. Informative, cherishing, and very alive!

Body Poetry: Alchemy of Living and Dying
With Sam Bloomfield. Crazy wisdom, fun and passion can come from connecting with the body. Writing can be thought of as a solitary art, but words were created to communicate. This workshop re-writes our script of what it is to be a writer and what it is to be alive in a gradually disappearing body! Using movement, fun and collaboration we will create words from viscera and meaning from the ridiculous so we can live and write from the truth of the present moment.

yOnilates – a pelvic floor playshop for women
With Laura-Doe Harris. yOnilates is a system of exercises designed to awaken, isolate and tone, the marvellous orchestra of muscles of our pelvis using fun, specially composed music. An embodied awareness of the many players in our pelvic team is invaluable for any woman wanting to connect further with her capacity for pleasure and her womb wisdom. Pelvic anatomy & discussion of its importance to women’s health and wellbeing, yOnilates (breath & movement) exercises to create proprioceptive awareness of pelvic bones & muscles & isolate & tone different muscles groups then guided relaxation to connect with the potency of womb space.

Qi Gung
With Mike Hartley. Qi Gung moving meditation and Eight Direction morning greeting. The session will give participants at any level of experience an example of the different forms taught and the principles of all qi gung energy work and tai chi. Participants will leave with a useful resource and set of moves they can practise and develop to help enable well being and health.

Daily Qigong
With Rik Midgley. This qigong is based on Classical Yang Style TaiChi. It explores the underlying principles essential to grounding, balance and awareness using repeated simple postures by focusing upon the co-ordination of mind and movement. Hopefully, it will leave you feeling great for the whole day! Suitable for all. Rik has been teaching Qigong for 10-15 years, which incorporates trauma release techniques learnt from his nonviolence training.

Dancing Warrior
With David Basak and Christina Dohr. We will bring together principles of Aikido and Contact Improvisation to allow people to create safe boundaries for themselves as they enter into more intimate relationships with others. Bringing awareness to patterns and preferences of relating - how we enter into, are in, and leave relationships. Allowing for greater choice and agency around how we want to be in relationship.

Somatic Movement
With Veronique Janssen. Do you want to experience your state of Rigpa? Embody your being? Refresh your state now through attending an extraordinary work out. All are welcome.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? The Workshops Co-ordinator starts taking proposals from January 1 2018 until March 1 2018.