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Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

Three teenagers on sofa in the Teens Space.

Teen Space | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

...I enjoy it even more each year that I come and now my kids and other friends and family have also come to love it as much as I do!

Word Up!

A spoken word live lounge featuring poetry, comedy, myth and storytelling, cabaret and open mic. Join us on facebook.

Social Change

In a world of ever increasing environmental and social injustices, social change embraces the necessity to create a positive way forward. What changes can we make in ourselves to have the most positive effect? The Social Change Area offers an inspirational array of speakers all wishing to answer this question, through sharing their stories and skills. From sustainable communities to climate activism, to being the change to ancient wisdom. Every workshop has something to offer those wishing to harness their energy for a fairer world.

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following talks/workshops at the last Festival.

The Ecological Land Co-operative, a small holders perspective. Helen and Stuart Kearney from Elder Farm, Greenham Reach talk about their experiences of moving to an off grid small holding www.elderfarm.co.uk

Climate conversations with Heike Schroeder, senior lecturer offering opportunities to engage with the topic of climate change and sustainability.

Mindfulness4Change. Never before has there been such a pressing need to replace individualistic self-interest with a collective sense of purpose to build the foundations for a sustainable future. Mindfulness4Change is making the connection between community and secular mindfulness meditation to create the conditions for this transformation to take place. A visit the Mindfulness4Change website and watch the The Future Starts With You video.

Finding Strength. Join Marisa Goulden and Kirsti Norris to reconnect with what you care about and find strength to act for Life on Earth. Visit the Finding Strength website and Facebook page.

Tools for group work with Kat Barton and Maria Franchi : Reaching consensus, Engaging with conflict, Resolving issues. Participatory workshops by Rhizome who provide training, facilitation and mediation services to community groups and others working collectively for social change. Visit the Rhizome website.

Art & Social Change. Anairda is a Latin American performer who's experience in socially engaged art gently triggers your own awareness and creativity.

Peaceful Direct action Training. Learning to take positive, peaceful and creative direct action in a variety of forms and on a wide range of issues, taking inspiration from groups such as to BP or not to BP and Brandalism websites.

Independant Spaces

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following spaces at the last Festival.

Sweat lodge

Our experienced team will guide you through this unmissable opportunity to explore and manifest your dreams.

Stonage Earth Oven

The stoneage bakers on the hill will be creating another clay sculptural oven made from locally sourced materials.  Come learn how to do it.  Their kitchen doubles up as a home from home space round the fire - bring your music and poetry.

SheManic Art Open Art Surgery

open space to explore your creativity. All welcome.

Infinite Experience Arts

an interactive theatre experience guiding participants on an intimate journey to explore a shift in understanding of what our connection to one another and the earth is.


cinema/community space. We are providing a magical, sacred space where people can experience community and connection. We will host meditation and yoga, uncivilised games and singing, community circle and facilitated group discussion, deep ecology and nature connection workshops, film screenings and open mic.


Sessions are open to any and all queer-friendly folk; and in between these times, we offer support time for small groups or one-to-one. We are also flexible and responsive to needs and requests that may arise during the festival and can offer continuing follow up afterwards. We are keen to build a supportive queer-friendly community network.

Women’s Space

open throughout the day for connection, support and workshops. See boards in space for more information. Also womens camping.

Men’s Space

Men, we invite you on a voyage of self-discovery. Join us to explore within, to dive into the dark and difficult, the beautiful and inspiring.We will offer workshops in the morning and afternoon.