Festival Independent Spaces

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

Three teenagers on sofa in the Teens Space.

Teen Space | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

...I enjoy it even more each year that I come and now my kids and other friends and family have also come to love it as much as I do!

Independant Spaces

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following spaces at the last Festival.

Death & Birth Awareness

A space to talk about death, birth and reflect upon them.


Sessions are open to any and all queer-friendly folk; and in between these times, we offer support time for small groups or one-to-one. We are also flexible and responsive to needs and requests that may arise during the festival and can offer continuing follow up afterwards. We are keen to build a supportive queer-friendly community network.

Women’s Space

open throughout the day for connection, support and workshops. See boards in space for more information. Also womens camping.

Men’s Space

Men, we invite you on a voyage of self-discovery. Join us to explore within, to dive into the dark and difficult, the beautiful and inspiring.We will offer workshops in the morning and afternoon.