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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Willow and papier maché maquette-lanterns of dancing humans with a sunset backdrop.

Dancing mannequins | Image © Rod Harbinson 2013

Buddhafield Festival: Documentaries

Top: Documentary film by Clear Vision on Vimeo (2012)
Middle: Documentary podcast by Alice Armstrong of Soundart (2013)
Bottom: Documentary film by Daniel Dobbie of Angelfish films (2012)

Buddhafield Festival: Photos

At https://www.flickr.com/photos/buddhafield/

The Dharama Parlour

Talks from 2015
Featuring Alex Swain, Kamalanandi, Marie Thesbjerg & Mémé Watanabe, Jayaraja, Dharmashalin, Dhivan, Caroline Brazier, and KamalashilaShow more

Talks from 2013
Featuring Advayasiddhi, Dhivan, Kulamitra, Maitridevi, Shantigarbha, and Christopher Titmuss Show more

  • Workshop with Advayasiddhi: Introduction to Buddhism
    New to Buddhism? Want to find out more what it's about after being at this lovely festival? This is for you!. Hear about the amazxing vision of freedom and happiness and how you can easily put some of its teachings into practice in your own life.
  • Dhivan: The Buddha Broke my Heart...
    The Buddha taught love as freedom of heart. But what if we get burned in love's fire? A talk on love, betrayal and broken-heartedness.
  • Kulamitra: Warm our Hearts - Let the Rain Come In!
    To develop loving kindness takes sustained effort at frequent intervals. Paradoxically this means spontanteous opening to all around us. Discover and practise our capacity to love rather than create new emotions.
  • Maitridevi: The Tender Gravity of Kindness
    How to find depth in a superficial world - a talk about love and longing and the way that they pull us deeper into life.
  • Shantigarbha: The Empathic Buddha
    How did the Buddha embody empathy? How did he make it the basis of compassion?
  • Christopher Titmuss: Seeing Emptiness is True Love
    Emptiness is the abiding home of the wise. The realisation of emptiness allows the natural movement of love. Love only expresses through Emptiness. Are you empty? Are you willing to be empty?
  • Christopher Titmuss: Does Mindfulness Inhibit Love?
    Mindfulness has become an industry for stress reduction. It is defined as being in the moment without judging the moment. When love emerges from the depth of our being, it expresses as action. One has then made a judgement to respond to a situation. So what is the connection between mindfulness and love?

Talks from 2012
Featuring Amaranatho, Dhivan, Khemasuri, Kulamitra, Mark Leonard, Lokabandhu, Padmadharini, Yanai Postelnik, and Vajrasara Show more

Talks from 2011
Featuring Amaragita, Amaranatho, Caroline Brazier, Lokabandhu, Dhivan, Jayaraja Kulamitra, Mark Leonard, and Vajrasara, Show more

Video from clear Vision