Social Change

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

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What’s it all about, then? | Image © Lard Galloway 2015

...I enjoy it even more each year that I come and now my kids and other friends and family have also come to love it as much as I do!

Social Change

In a world of ever increasing environmental and social injustices, social change embraces the necessity to create a positive way forward. What changes can we make in ourselves to have the most positive effect? The Social Change Area offers an inspirational array of speakers all wishing to answer this question, through sharing their stories and skills. From sustainable communities to climate activism, to being the change to ancient wisdom. Every workshop has something to offer those wishing to harness their energy for a fairer world.

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following talks and worskhops so far this year.

Sustainability Conversations
With Heike Schroeder. This is a series of four workshops to engage in sustainability conversations. We will be covering the topics of climate change, deforestation, food sovereignty and water security.

Journey into the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire
With Nicola Peel. Movement and meditation can connect us deeper into the elements and teach us more than we can imagine.

Positive solutions around the world and the future of Biomimicry
With Nicola Peel. From cleaning up oil spills with fungi, agroforestry in the Amazon and building from waste Nicola has been working for the last 18 years on a number of positive practical projects. She is now also speaking on the wonders of Biomimicry and what nature can teach us

Be the difference and walk your talk
With Nicola Peel. Often people feel overwhelmed and dont know how one person can make a difference. Come along for some practical suggestions on what we can do to be the change we wish to see in the world

Cultural Emergence
With Keith Ellis and Lex Titterington. A Design System for collective evolution to a better world.

What is Ecodharma
With Alex Swain. The Eco Dharma Centre in the Catalan Pyrenees, offers courses, events and retreats to help reach our human potential and the development of an ecological consciousness.

wetheuncivilised - Sun-powered Ecological Cinema and Community Hub
Join us as we explore a culture of connection and belonging and cultivate the possibility of positive social and environmental change - sessions include; ‘Cultural Emergence.’ ‘Talking Circles’ - Drawing on indigenous wisdom from around the world, talking Circles are a way of connecting, decision making and coming together to find solutions. ‘Ecological Cinema ‘-including screening and Q&A with filmmakers of Award-Winning “wetheuncivilised.” ‘Openmic ‘- Lie down on cushions and kick back, bring your instruments, your voices and stories of land and place.