Postal Booking for Festival Concessions

Postal bookings and concession applications must reach us before 29 June 2017
Type Qty Totals
Tickets for People
Don’t forget to buy a vehicle pass if you’re coming in your own transport
Adult (17+) ticket(s) @ £145 each £
If you’re a student or in receipt of state benefits (other than universal benefits) you are entitled to apply for a concession ticket. There is only a concession price for full-event, adult tickets and we ask you to send us a copy of proof of entitlement per concession ticket. We will be unable to process concession bookings after Thursday 29 June. (They are not sold at the Ticket Office, on site.)
Adult Concession(s) @ £95 each   £
Young Person (6 – 17) ticket(s) @ £50 each £
Child (0 – 5) ticket(s) @ £0 each £
Vehicle Passes
1 per vehicle
Car pass(es) @ £30 eachBlue Badge
holders free
Live-in vehicle pass(es) @ £30 each £
Purchaser Contact Details
Post to:
Buddhafield, C/o 2 New Farm Cottages, Itchen Down, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1BY
Make cheques payable to "Buddhafield".